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Chilly weather grips South America as southern Europe faces exceptional heat

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It’s not the first time recently that chilly conditions have gripped parts of southern South America in the lead-up to the southern hemisphere winter. Over the past couple of days, an area of low pressure has position...

Wit op wit deur Ayşegül Savaş resensie - storievertelling op 'n koue manier

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Gedruk om die mees invloedryke roman van die afgelope dekade te noem, jy kan erger doen as Rachel Cusk se Outline, wat 'n bloudruk gelê het vir modieus opgeruimde fiksie oor skaars-daar vertellers wat deurloop..

That glorious mix of chilly air and clear, bright skies? There’s a word for that

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Yesterday I went for a walk with a friend, AKA the only government-mandated social activity at that moment (truly, what a time to be alive!). It was cold, but the sun had lingered, and there existed that glorious mix ...

I went wild swimming in a chilly river and haven’t had a panic attack since

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I was at my wits’ end when I finally lowered myself into the River Wensum, in Norfolk, at the tail end of autumn 2019. My quest to find a cure for my severe anxiety and decades’ worth of weekly – sometimes daily – pan...

Chilly reception: Florida couple try to get married at someone else’s mansion

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An ambitious Florida couple attempted to hold their two-day wedding celebration at a mansion they didn’t have permission to use. But their intended nuptials ended before they could begin as the owner called the police...

‘It’s just ice-cream’: settlers’ chilly response to Ben & Jerry’s boycott

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There are blue skies and green grass outside and inside Pizzeria Efrat, a restaurant in a settlement of the same name in the occupied West Bank. Buite, the pizza parlour is surrounded by lush parks and wide, quiet r...

Will a chilly meeting in Anchorage set the tone for US-Chinese relations?

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In a protracted, unplanned public spat in Anchorage late on Thursday, China and America’s top diplomats traded barbs for over an hour in front of astonished journalists. The openings to diplomatic summits are usually ...