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Dementer review – unsettling low-budget care facility chiller

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From Don’t Look Now to The Masque of the Red Death, physical disability has been a troublingly cheap way for horror directors to summon unease. A couple of freaky moments notwithstanding, Dementer – set largely in a c...

The Green Sea review – smart casting for flawed but intriguing literary chiller

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Who knows what this says about industry accessibility, but here’s a rare chance to see a genre movie directed by an actual peer of the realm. Randal Plunkett – 21st baron of Dunsany, interviewed in the Guardian this m...

Hausen – grim and grimy German chiller casts a dark shadow

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It’s dark, and rain pours down thickly, as wan teenager Juri (Tristan Göbel) and his ursine father Jaschek (Charly Hübner) arrive at the tower block they’ll soon regret calling home, in the opening scene of the German...