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I believe in local democracy – I just don’t understand it

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I was chatting to some locals in a village somewhere over Christmas. They were bemoaning various decisions that had been made – to the detriment, in their view, of the community. There was planning stuff, blocked sewe...

Lockdown taught me that time is precious – so why am I running out of it again?

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There was a time not long ago when we had plenty of time; now there’s too much to do. Lockdowns dragged on for ever when we were in them but feel shorter as they edge further into the past. I have heard lockdowns desc...

Gabriel Boric promete "luchar contra los privilegios de unos pocos" como primer ministro de Chile

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Gabriel Boric ha prometido unir a Chile, luchar contra "los privilegios de unos pocos" y hacer frente a la pobreza y la desigualdad después de obtener una victoria decisiva sobre su oponente de extrema derecha para convertirse en el país más joven de América del Sur ...

Izquierdista se convertirá en el presidente más joven de la historia de Chile después de vencer a su rival de extrema derecha

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Un exlíder estudiantil de izquierda ha logrado una contundente victoria para convertirse en el presidente electo de Chile.. Con casi 97% del voto ya contado, Gabriel Boric afirmó 55.8% para tomar un 12 punto porcentual de ventaja sobre h ...

Mobile phone apps make it almost impossible to get lost these days. And that isn’t good for us

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A travel company called Black Tomato, in return for a significant sum of money, will drop you in the middle of you know not where, and leave you there. The product is called Get Lost and is surely more evidence that w...

Ironing has a rival for my affections – the matchless, marvellous joy of log-stacking

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Those of us with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder crave absorption more than most. It would help if I were blessed with more practical skills. Basic competences in carpentry, knitting or even Lego would be so ...

Like the prime minister, I have had a public brain freeze. The fear never leaves you

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The first time it happened to me I was staring at a blank wall. It was nearly 30 years ago now and I was presenting a new live programme called Working Lunch on BBC Two, my first on-screen gig. After each of the first...

La derecha de Chile se regocija después de que candidato pro-Pinochet ganara la primera vuelta presidencial

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La derecha de Chile se ha adjudicado una jubilosa victoria tras José Antonio Kast, un excongresista con un historial de defensa de la dictadura de Pinochet, aseguró una victoria sorpresa en la primera vuelta de la presidencia del país..

Far-right populist, ex-protest leader set for runoff vote in Chile’s presidential election

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The far-right populist José Antonio Kast is on course for a convincing victory over former protest leader Gabriel Boric in the first round of Chile’s presidential election. With more than 90% of the votes counted, Kas...

I have become what I hate – the driver who pushes into a lane at the last minute

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Thou shalt not pass; thou shalt not squeeze in. The instant we realise that up ahead on the road to hell, three lanes are to become two, those of us drivers with good intentions do the honourable thing and vacate the ...

I want to be a wise, careful consumer – but useless online reviews have me stumped

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For environmental reasons, I want to be a better consumer. And also because I’m sick of buying crap. Buy less, buy better. But that’s much easier said than done. To be the wise, discerning consumer I want to be, I nee...

All you can eat? I take those words as a promise – and a challenge

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There’s a Twitter account called Fake Showbiz News that is occasionally kind/cruel enough to feature me as the subject of one its “exclusives”. Even if there’s an unpleasant undertone to the story, I’m at the stage in...

We need to stop buying stuff – and I know just the people to persuade us

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Ages ago, an old friend who was an early adopter of environmental concerns wanted a new kitchen. He asked an expert he knew from his work in woodland conservation what wood his new kitchen should be built with. He was...

Extraños en un tren, hasta que me dio su jersey rosa

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Como simples actos de bondad inesperados, este tomará algo de paliza. Estaba en un tren de Londres a Plymouth el viernes pasado por la tarde, camino a una reunión de algunos amigos de la universidad, entre ellos gente que no c ...

In the pandemic £27bn worth of fraud was committed – why aren’t we angrier?

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We have never been far from fury since the start of the pandemic. There’s all the anger at the government’s handling of it and, conversely, anger at those being angry about the government’s handling of it. People got...

Ask not what the NHS can do for us … but what we can do for the NHS

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We love the National Health Service. It’s a pure, unconditional love. Most of us have experience of great treatment within the NHS, and terrible treatment too, yet our love for the institution seldom wavers. When thin...

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