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Chilean president-elect Gabriel Boric urges citizens to back constitution rewrite

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Chile’s future as a greener, fairer country, depends on the success of efforts to rewrite the country’s dictatorship-era constitution, president-elect Gabriel Boric said on Tuesday. After a meeting with the delegates ...

Chilean election offers stark choice: a leftist or an admirer of Pinochet

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Chilean voters head to the polls on Sunday to chose between two presidential candidates offering starkly contrasting visions for the future, in the country’s most divisive elections since it returned to democracy in 1...

A Fight Against … review – Chilean playwright’s sparky sketches

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Thirty years ago, the Royal Court introduced a Chilean playwright, Ariel Dorfman, with Death and the Maiden, a much-revived, twistily structured thriller about South American human rights abuses. While theatre can hav...

Chilean presidential candidate’s father was member of Nazi party

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The German-born father of Chilean presidential candidate José Antonio Kast was a member of the Nazi party, according to a recently unearthed document – revelations that appear at odds with the far-right candidate’s ow...

Chilean environmental activist who opposed dam projects found dead

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Environmental activists in Chile have called for justice after a 42-year-old land defender was found dead with her hands and feet bound. The body of Javiera Rojas was found buried under a pile of clothes in an abandon...

Chilean president Piñera impeached over Pandora papers revelations

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Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera has been impeached by the lower house of congress, setting up a trial in the nation’s senate over allegations he favored the sale of a family property while in office. The vote to im...

Rightwing Chilean newspaper accused of ‘apology for Nazism’ over Göring article

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Chile’s main conservative daily newspaper has been accused of publishing “an apology for Nazism” after running an illustrated article commemorating the life of the German war criminal Hermann Göring. After El Mercurio...