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Vulnerable children at risk as England faces shortfall of 25,000 foster families

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England faces a 25,000 shortfall in foster families over the next five years, amid complaints of a lack of support for existing carers and a broken system that pits councils against private agencies for potential cand...

Free childcare policy ‘damages life chances’ of poor children in England

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Children from disadvantaged families in England are missing out on early years education because their parents are not in work or do not earn enough, contributing to a widening gap between the poorest children and the...

Diabetes ‘wakeup call’ as 1,500 children in England have type 2

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Hundreds of children and teenagers in England have type 2 diabetes, data shows, leading charities to describe the findings as a “worrying wakeup call” and urge that childhood obesity be tackled. Type 2 diabetes has hi...

Quarter of a million children in England missed school last week due to Covid

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A quarter of a million children in England missed school last week because of Covid infections, self-isolation or school closures, making it the most disrupted week since schools fully reopened in March and prompting ...