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Children in most deprived areas suffered greatest loss of learning during lockdowns – ONS

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The youngest primary school children and those in the most deprived areas suffered the greatest loss of learning during the pandemic lockdowns that closed schools to most pupils in England, according to the Office for...

Call for ‘new deal’ for England’s children as poll shows mental health concerns

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Forty per cent of girls aged 16 a 17 are unhappy with their mental health, more than double the rate for boys, according to a landmark report that calls for the “greatest investment possible” in catchup for schools a...

Woman and three children killed at house in Derbyshire

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Three children and a woman are suspected to have been killed at a house near Sheffield at the weekend, relatives have said. A man has been arrested after Derbyshire police were called to a property on Chandos Crescent...

Beeban Kidron v Silicon Valley: one woman’s fight to protect children online

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When she first began talking to her peers in the House of Lords about the rights of children on the internet, Baroness Kidron says she looked like “a naysayer”, like someone who was “trying to talk about wooden toys” ...

‘Something magical happens’: the cameras helping refugee children to heal

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Serbest Salih studied photography at college in Aleppo, before fleeing Syria with his family in 2014 as Islamic State fighters advanced on his home town of Kobani. He is now one of an estimated 100,000 refugees living...

‘Deaf children should know that nothing is impossible’: Rose Ayling-Ellis on a Strictly milestone

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Rose Ayling-Ellis is making history – and learning to jive. “It’s a lot of jumping off the ground, I’m going to be so out of breath!", says the actor, who will be the first ever deaf contestant on Strictly Come Dancin...

Woman aged 40 charged with murder after three children found dead in New Zealand home

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A woman has been charged with murder after three young children who had just moved to New Zealand from South Africa died at a home on the South Island. The incident occurred late on Thursday at a home in the town of T...

Children already have the facts. Now they need the tools to fix the climate crisis

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There was a rare nugget of hope in the assorted news and polling on the climate crisis last week: 18- to 24-year-olds in Britain are the most optimistic that the planet is still salvageable, con 73% agreeing with the...

Four in 10 young people fear having children due to climate crisis

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Four in 10 young people around the world are hesitant to have children as a result of the climate crisis, and fear that governments are doing too little to prevent climate catastrophe, a poll in 10 countries has found...

UK children aged 12 a 15 to be offered Covid jab

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Children aged 12 a 15 can be offered Covid vaccinations, the UK’s four chief medical officers have decided, saying the likely impact in reducing disruption to schools meant such a plan could be clinically justified. ...

Coronavirus en vivo: South Africa regulator approves Pfizer jab for children 12 y más; masks could return in England if cases surge in winter

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South African Health Products Authority says decision came after review of updated safety information; Boris Johnson’s winter plan could involve reintroducing restrictions including masks and social distances

Arrest warrant issued for mother accused of killing children in M1 crash

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A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a woman who is accused of killing two of her children in a crash on the M1. Mary McCann, 35, failed to appear before Aylesbury crown court on Friday, where she was to face two ...

‘Cruel’ legal change affects children in care

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The existence of adult social care waiting lists is deeply shocking (Por poco 300,000 on adult social care ‘waiting lists’ in England, 8 septiembre). Children’s social care has also taken a terrible turn this week. New l...

BioNTech to seek approval for Covid jabs for younger children

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The German company BioNTech, which developed the Pfizer vaccine, expects to seek approval from regulators for Covid jabs suited for younger children as early as mid-October, its founders have said. “Already over the n...

‘They came for my daughter’: Afghan single mothers face losing children under Taliban

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The day after Mazar-i-Sharif, the provincial capital of Balkh province, fell to the Taliban on 14 agosto, gunmen came for Raihana’s* six-year-old daughter. Widowed when her husband was murdered by Taliban forces in 20...

Revisión de Sweet Thing: el drama de los niños que luchan es un placer discreto

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Aquí hay un drama sobre niños que intentan escapar de entornos abusivos., rodada principalmente en blanco y negro, escrito y dirigido por Alexandre Rockwell, que una vez iba a ser la próxima gran novedad después del éxito inicial In the Soup y ....

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