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US officials set stage for vaccination campaign for younger children

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US health officials are setting the stage for a national Covid-19 vaccination campaign for younger children, inviting state officials to order doses before the shots are authorized. Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is cu...

‘Holding each others’ hands’: 11 children drown in Indonesia during river cleanup

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Eleven students drowned and 10 others were rescued during a school outing for a river cleanup in Indonesia’s West Java province. Local officials said 150 students from an Islamic high school were participating in the ...

Mothers sue after children catch Covid at Wisconsin schools with no mandates

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Two Wisconsin mothers whose children had Covid-19 in September have sued their school districts, for “needlessly and recklessly endangering the health and safety” of their children and other students. Both lawsuits a...

Children locked in rooms at youth prison up to 23 hours a day – report

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Children being held in a privately run prison have been locked in their rooms for up to 23 hours a day in uncomfortably hot conditions, according to a damning report by three inspectorates. Inspectors who arrived unan...

Meer as 140,000 US children lost a parent or caregiver to Covid, studie bevind

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While the US has been engulfed in a heated battle to prevent people from contracting and dying from Covid-19, another pandemic has been raging behind closed doors among children who have lost one or both parents, or t...

Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy, claims whistleblower

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Facebook puts “astronomical profits before people”, harms children and is destabilising democracies, a whistleblower has claimed in testimony to the US Congress. Frances Haugen said Facebook knew it steered young user...

HarperCollins removes story from David Walliams’ book The World’s Worst Children

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David Walliams’ story about a Chinese boy called Brian Wong, which was criticised by campaigners for its “casual racism”, is set to be removed from future editions of his short story collection The World’s Worst Child...

Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges

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A federal court in Canada has paved they way for billions in compensation to First Nations children who suffered discrimination in the welfare system, after a judge dismissed a pair of legal challenges by the governme...

Universal credit cut will lead to more UK children in care – study

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Oor 1,500 additional UK children a year would be removed from their families and taken into care as a result of the explosion in child poverty caused by the removal of the £20-a-week universal credit uplift, a study...

Whitty en Van-Tam sê dit is 'onvermydelik' dat kinders wat nie ingeënt is nie, Covid-video kry

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Prof Chris Whitty, die mediese hoof van Engeland, en prof Jonathan Van-Tam, die adjunkhoof mediese beampte, verskyn voor die Commons -onderwyskomitee oor die besluit om Covid -entstowwe aan te bied 12- t ...

Children in most deprived areas suffered greatest loss of learning during lockdowns – ONS

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The youngest primary school children and those in the most deprived areas suffered the greatest loss of learning during the pandemic lockdowns that closed schools to most pupils in England, according to the Office for...

Doen 'n nuwe ooreenkoms vir die kinders van Engeland, aangesien die peiling toon dat daar probleme is met die geestesgesondheid

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Veertig persent van die meisies 16 aan 17 is ontevrede met hul geestesgesondheid, meer as dubbel die tarief vir seuns, volgens 'n belangrike verslag wat 'die grootste moontlike belegging' in die opvang van skole vereis..

Woman and three children killed at house in Derbyshire

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Three children and a woman are suspected to have been killed at a house near Sheffield at the weekend, relatives have said. A man has been arrested after Derbyshire police were called to a property on Chandos Crescent...

Beeban Kidron v Silicon Valley: one woman’s fight to protect children online

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When she first began talking to her peers in the House of Lords about the rights of children on the internet, Baroness Kidron says she looked like “a naysayer”, like someone who was “trying to talk about wooden toys” ...

‘Something magical happens’: the cameras helping refugee children to heal

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Serbest Salih studied photography at college in Aleppo, before fleeing Syria with his family in 2014 as Islamic State fighters advanced on his home town of Kobani. He is now one of an estimated 100,000 refugees living...

‘Deaf children should know that nothing is impossible’: Rose Ayling-Ellis on a Strictly milestone

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Rose Ayling-Ellis is making history – and learning to jive. “It’s a lot of jumping off the ground, I’m going to be so out of breath!”, says the actor, who will be the first ever deaf contestant on Strictly Come Dancin...

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