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‘It starts with one child’: white-hot anger in New Zealand as Australia deports 15-year-old

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Rising resentment over the treatment of New Zealanders only intensified when Peter Dutton called forced removals ‘taking the trash out’In New Zealand, a long-simmering resentment is burning into white-hot anger over A...

‘He was just a child’: dead of Indigenous residential schools haunt Canada

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When they came to take Jonnish Saganash away, he was only five years old. そうだった 1954, and the Canadian government had decided he was to be sent to a residential school in Ontario – hundreds of kilometers from his Ind...

‘I had to step up’: Child labour in poorest countries rose during Covid, レポートは言う

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Gopal Magar’s father has had a drinking problem for as long as he can remember, but when Kathmandu went into lockdown last spring, it got worse. With five members of his family confined to a small room in the south of...

「私たちの女の子」: エマ・ラドゥカヌが子供の頃にプレーしたクラブが全米オープンで優勝を乾杯

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かかった時間は 12 土曜日の夜にイギリス人選手が全米オープンで見事な勝利を収めた後、シャネルボーランドがラドゥカヌの効果を感じるまでの時間. 7歳の母親と母親がテニスのコーチングのためにロンドンを渡ったとき ...

「彼女はアメリカ人の食べ物に対する考え方を変えました」: ジュリアチャイルドの永続的な遺産

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実家で, 私が覚えている限り, キッチンの装飾の王冠の宝石は常に額装されています, ジュリアチャイルドの日焼けした写真. 初期化, 彼女は私の父を叩くために巻き上げています, オーディオ技術...

‘Shocking’ that UK is moving child refugees into hotels

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Record numbers of unaccompanied child asylum seekers who arrived in the UK on small boats are being accommodated in four hotels along England’s south coast, a situation that the Children’s Society has described as “sh...

「ルールの本はありません」: 劇場が子役を保護することをどのように目指しているか

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2人の幼い子供が雪崩の前に身をかがめます–そして, 恐ろしいのと同じように, 両親の破砕結婚の中で. ロンドンのドンマーにあるフォースマジュールは、リューベンオストルンドの応答に関する映画に基づいたダークコメディです。.

「いたるところに悪い行動がたくさんあります」: ひどい世界で良い子を育てる方法

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メリンダウェナーモイヤーがの秋に周りを見回したとき 2018, 彼女はどこでも彼女が「嫌いな人」と表現するものを見ました. 米国と英国では, ヘイトクライムは増加し続けています. 世界中で, #MeTooの主張con ...

‘We can do anything’: the Indian girls’ movement fighting child marriage

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Priyanka Bairwa was 15 when her family, began to look for a husband for her. The pandemic sped up the process, as schools shut and work dried up. By October 2020, her parents had settled on a suitable boy from their v...

‘We lost our child’: parents of seven-year-old who died at Perth hospital say system must change

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The grieving parents of Aishwarya Aswath, who died from an infection after waiting for two hours at a Perth emergency department, say they were treated without compassion and have no doubt the seven-year-old would sti...

’You feel like a child again!’ Would exercising at 5am make you a happier person?

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A minute’s silence – a chance to listen to the wind and the waves crashing on to shingle, and look across the Solent to the lights of a cruise ship in the distance – and then we charge into the water, although some of...

A child injured in the Waukesha parade has died, bringing the toll to six

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Prosecutors in Wisconsin on Tuesday charged a man with intentional homicide in the deaths of five people who were killed when an SUV was driven into a Christmas parade earlier this week that also left 62 people injure...

A child screams in Myanmar … and China pretends not to hear

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A terrible scream of pain contorts a little girl’s face and tells the story of the army’s brutal crackdown in Myanmar. Shwe Yote Hlwar, five, is standing beside an open coffin containing the body of her father, Ko Zwe...

Afghan child refugees left without support in Home Office hotels

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Child refugees from Afghanistan are being held by the Home Office in hotels for weeks on end without shoes, spare clothes, money or access to healthcare, embarrassing the home secretary, who promised to help people fl...

アフガニスタン: fresh blast near Kabul airport kills child

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A rocket has struck a neighbourhood north-west of Kabul’s international airport and killed a child, as the US evacuation winds down following the Taliban’s lightning takeover of the country, an Afghan police chief has...


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アフリカ・バンバータ, 先駆的なヒップホップDJ, ラッパー兼プロデューサー, 児童の性的虐待の疑いで訴えられた. 匿名の男, ニューヨークの裁判所に提起された訴訟でJohnDoeという名前, バンバータは性的だと主張している。.

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