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Death of abandoned child found in Texas apartment ruled homicide

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The death of a child whose skeletal remains were found inside a Houston apartment has been ruled a homicide, officials said Tuesday. Three surviving siblings, who appeared to have been abandoned, were also discovered ...

La obesidad infantil está relacionada con las crecientes disparidades de salud en Inglaterra, hallazgos del estudio

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Cientos de miles de niños en Inglaterra están creciendo con sobrepeso u obesidad debido a las crecientes disparidades de salud en todo el país., el análisis sugiere. La obesidad infantil ha proliferado en los últimos años para una variedad..

Reclamaciones de abuso infantil de Janner: policía culpable de no investigar, reportar hallazgos

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La policía de Leicestershire fue culpable de una "falla grave e inexcusable" para investigar adecuadamente las acusaciones de abuso sexual infantil contra el difunto compañero laborista Greville Janner, según un informe condenatorio. Las inves ...

Apple’s plan to scan for child abuse images ‘tears at heart of privacy’

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Technology like that proposed by Apple to search iPhones for child sexual abuse images would open the door to mass surveillance and be vulnerable to exploitation, world-leading security and cryptography experts have s...

’You feel like a child again!’ Would exercising at 5am make you a happier person?

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A minute’s silence – a chance to listen to the wind and the waves crashing on to shingle, and look across the Solent to the lights of a cruise ship in the distance – and then we charge into the water, although some of...

Sindhu Vee and her father go back in time: ‘As a child, I was always copying him’

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Born in New Delhi in 1969, Sindhu Vee spent her childhood in India and the Philippines, before throwing herself into academia, getting degrees from Oxford, Montreal and Chicago universities. In her early 40s, she trad...

In its latest cut-and-paste child welfare report, New Zealand fails Māori again

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Sorry means you don’t do it again. So goes a phrase used by Aboriginal protesters in Australia in recent years. The phrase references the national apology in 2008 by prime minister Kevin Rudd to Aboriginal peoples for...

Una encuesta en línea sobre abuso infantil encuentra que un tercio de los espectadores intentan ponerse en contacto con niños

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La encuesta principal más grande de personas que ven abuso sexual infantil en línea encontró que un tercio de los encuestados intentaron contactar directamente a un niño como resultado de las imágenes ilegales que vieron en línea.. La encuesta, B...

Los niños refugiados fueron "abandonados" en un hotel inseguro, reclama el consejo de Brighton

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Una nueva preocupación por la difícil situación de miles de refugiados que viven en hoteles del Reino Unido ha surgido después de que un consejo solicitó que el Ministerio del Interior cerrara los alojamientos temporales que albergan a niños refugiados por “salvaguardar la preocupación ....

Ministers have no clear plan to tackle child poverty, say cross-party MPs

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Ministers have no clear plans to tackle rising child poverty, while a lack of focus and leadership has hindered efforts to reduce the numbers of youngpeople living in hardship, a cross-party group of MPs has said. El...

Child poverty now costs Britain £38bn a year, says new independent report

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The cost of child poverty has soared over the past eight years under the Conservatives and has now reached £38bn a year, according to a new independent report. The findings, to be released in the next few days, will a...

Child abuse: Apple urged to roll out image-scanning tool swiftly

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Child protection experts from across the world have called on Apple to implement new scanning technologies urgently to detect images of child abuse. En agosto, Apple announced plans to use a tool called neuralMatch to...

‘Our girl’: club where Emma Raducanu played as a child toasts US Open win

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It took less than 12 hours for Chanel Borland to feel the Raducanu effect after the British player’s stunning US Open victory on Saturday night. As the seven-year-old and her mum crossed London for tennis coaching on ...

Afrika Bambaataa sued for alleged child sexual abuse

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Afrika Bambaataa, the pioneering hip-hop DJ, rapper and producer, has been sued over alleged child sexual abuse. An anonymous man, named John Doe in the lawsuit filed in a New York court, alleges that Bambaataa sexual...

‘There is so much bad behaviour everywhere’: how to raise a good child in a terrible world

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When Melinda Wenner Moyer looked around in the autumn of 2018, she saw everywhere what she would describe as “assholes”. In the US and the UK, hate crime was – and is – rising. Across the world, #MeToo allegations con...

Social media giants increase global child safety after UK regulations introduced

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TikTok has turned off notifications for children past bedtime, Instagram has disabled targeted adverts for under-18s entirely and YouTube has turned off autoplay for teen users: moves seemingly triggered by Britain in...

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