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Cressida Dick: no formal investigation into Met police chief

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The mayor of London has decided Cressida Dick should not face a formal investigation into an official finding that she obstructed an inquiry into police corruption. Nel mese di giugno, Dick, the Metropolitan police commissioner,...

UN chief urges airlines and shipping firms to do more to cut emissions

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Airlines and shipping companies have failed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions, and must step up with fresh commitments on the climate crisis as the world prepares to meet for a crunch climate summit, the UN secret...

Miami police chief to be fired after only six months on the job

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Miami officials have decided to fire the city’s new police chief just six months after appointing him, after he was lambasted by city commissioners he accused of meddling in the police department and internal affairs ...

Russia and neighbours are source of most ransomware, says UK cyber chief

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Cybercriminals from Russia and neighbouring states are behind the majority of online extortion conducted against businesses and other organisations in Britain, according to the chief of the UK’s cybersecurity agency. ...

UK’s ‘strictest’ headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh made social mobility chief

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The headteacher of a school dubbed the strictest in Britain who has attacked “woke culture” has been appointed as the government’s new Social Mobility Commissioner. Katharine Birbalsingh rose to prominence at the Tory...

Getting flu with Covid doubles risk of death, says UK health chief

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People who catch flu and Covid at the same time this winter are twice as likely to die than those who only have coronavirus, according to the UK Health Security Agency chief executive, Dr Jenny Harries. The former dep...

Covid live news: UK faces uncertain winter – health chief; Australia planning to allow international travel

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Follow all the latest on the coronavirus pandemic from the UK and around the world

Bank of England chief economist warns high inflation rates may persist in 2022

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The Bank of England’s new chief economist has warned high rates of inflation could last longer than expected, due to severe supply shortages and rising household energy bills. Huw Pill, who replaced Andy Haldane at Th...

Global vaccine rollout vital to securing deal for nature, warns UN biodiversity chief

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Governments hoping for a global agreement to halt biodiversity loss must put more effort into access to Covid-19 vaccines for developing countries, the UN’s biodiversity chief has warned. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, execu...

Cressida Dick must be held accountable over Couzens case, says ex-Met chief

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Cressida Dick must be held accountable for an “appalling series of blunders” that allowed the killer of Sarah Everard to serve as a police officer, a former head of the Metropolitan police has said. John Stevens said ...

‘I am so sorry,’ says Met chief after Wayne Couzens handed whole-life term – video

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The Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, has said the details of Sarah Everard's murder have 'horrified' and 'sickened' her.A former Met officer, Couzens will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the...

Boris Johnson expected to announce new armed forces chief this week

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Boris Johnson has interviewed five candidates to head Britain’s armed forces, with navy chief Adm Tony Radakin and the general responsible for the SAS, Sir Patrick Sanders, frontrunners for the job. Defence sources sa...

Scam ‘epidemic’: Big tech firms must join fight, says Nationwide chief

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Technology, telecoms and social media companies should take more responsibility for stopping scams as the problem reaches “epidemic proportions”, the UK’s biggest building society has warned. Cases of authorised push-...

Michel Barnier: why is the EU’s former Brexit chief negotiator sounding like a Eurosceptic?

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My Secret Brexit Diary, Michel Barnier’s blow-by-blow account of the Brexit negotiations, is at times quite a dry and technical read. But every now and then it offers glorious moments of comic relief. There is, for ex...

Last Haitian migrants removed from Del Rio encampment, homeland security chief says

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The last of up to 15,000 Haitian migrants have been cleared from their encampment underneath and near a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, the US homeland security secretary announced on Friday, ending one stage of a damaging ...

‘Cop26 is dream gig’: Magic Circle chief wants to aid planet with climate show

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The first female president of the Magic Circle has said her dream gig would be to perform her environmental magic show in front of world leaders at the climate summit in Glasgow. Megan Swann, 28, is the youngest perso...

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