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How to make cherry clafoutis – recipe

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Cherries, like asparagus or the 99 Flake, are one of those foods I can’t get enough of during their brief but glorious season. My favourite way to eat them is straight from the bag, but I occasionally manage to hold o...

‘It’s very moreish!’: readers’ delicious cherry recipes, from frozen margaritas to strudel

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I rent a cherry tree on a farm in Northiam, East Sussex. Each year we are given a week to harvest the cherries from our tree, so we make a day of it with a picnic nearby. The tree looks small, but last year we harvest...

Damien Hirst on painting cherry blossom: ‘It’s taken me until I’m 55 to please my mum’

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The first thing that hits me when I see Damien Hirst’s Cherry Blossoms isn’t the scale (monumental) or the palette (psychedelic) but the paint itself. It’s thick, sticky and a little bit nasty. Creamy-white and dusty-...

Vertel ons: what’s your best cherry recipe?

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The UK summer is here, which means cherries are in season. Do you have a go-to cherry recipe? Whether it’s sweet or savoury, we’d love to know how you plan to cook with cherries this summer. You can get in touch by f...

The Guardian view on cherry blossom: lessons from fragile, fleeting beauty

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Early in Junichiro Tanizaki’s great novel The Makioka Sisters, we learn of the family’s annual trips to admire the cherry blossom; occasions anticipated long in advance, as they plan their outfits, scan the latest for...

Climate crisis ‘likely causeof early cherry blossom in Japan

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Japan’s famous cherry blossoms have reached their flowery peak in many places earlier this year than at any time since formal records began nearly 70 jare terug, with experts saying the climate crisis is the likely cau...

Cherry blossom brings a welcome sign of spring to Hackney

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Round here, the first real sign of spring is the explosion into bloom of the cherry blossom trees, from Haringey to Hackney, including one outside our house. We look forward to it every year, as it brightens our lives...

Cherry blossom festivals nipped in the bud as Japan leaves lockdown

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Japan will emerge from 10 weeks of coronavirus restrictions on Sunday, just in time for the peak of the annual cherry blossom viewing season. In normal years, the appearance of the delicate pink flowers is the cue for...

Cherry review – taking the ‘postout of post-traumatic stress disorder

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The Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, have become renowned for directing the epics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and now they take on the big, serious, operatically painful story of Cherry, about a US army medic pl...