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Sacré bleu! How blue cheese became my favourite

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Just like I feel ashamed for choosing mild-medium chilli sauce on a burrito, I always feel that my cheesy choices are being judged for being on the basic side. I love a cheddar. I adore a smooth and creamy goat’s chee...

Pay attention for a message from the prime minister: careless cheese and wine costs lives

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For the rapidly unravelling winter caretaker of Downing Street, it has been another paranoia-inducing few days. What with leaked pictures and leaked videos and leaked accounts of various gatherings, we have to ask: es...

Receta de Thomasina Miers de ensalada de membrillo asado con miel y queso azul, achicoria y venado chamuscado

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La carne de venado es una de mis carnes favoritas., con una limpieza, rico sabor y maravillosamente tierno cuando se cocina muy rápido o muy lentamente; también está repleto de nutrientes y es bajo en grasas. Aquí, Yo le doy un toque de dulzor...

Will New York’s cream cheese shortage force bagel joints to go easy on the schmear? An investigation

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In terms of quintessential New York experiences, ordering a bagel with cream cheese (not toasted, particularly if the bagel is fresh out of the oven) tops the list. Pero ahora, bagel shop patrons are beginning to have is...

Fromage fictions: la 14 biggest cheese myths – debunked!

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‘I hate to dictate to people. I don’t like too many rules,” says Iain Mellis, a cheesemonger of 40 años, with cheese shops bearing his name scattered across Scotland. Mellis has spent his life trying to make artisan ...

Houseplant of the week: monkey leaf or Swiss cheese plant

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Why will I love it?Monstera adansonii is cute and full of character. The heart-shaped leaves look like Matisse has been using them to create his cutouts – it’s easy to see where one of its common names, Swiss cheese p...

Whey too expensive: New Zealand cheese lovers forced to eke out supplies as prices jump

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Facing decades-high cheese prices, cheddar-loving New Zealanders are being forced to chase specials, downgrade their flavour expectations, or abandon the blocks entirely in favour of grated substitutes. A mixture of i...

Prince Charles reveals his car runs on cheese and wine byproducts

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Burnishing his green credentials before the Cop26 summit, it was with pride that Prince Charles revealed that he runs his Aston Martin on “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process”. “I hope he drive...

Matthew Carver’s melt-in-the-mouth cheese recipes for autumn

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These fruity, cheesy, bacony snacks are hard to beat – think turbo-charged pigs in blankets. Deberes 10 minCook 12 minMakes 5 10 dried prunes50g stilton (we use Cropwell Bishop), cut into 5 x 10g pieces3 rashers smoked ...

El Wigmore, Londres: "La mejor tostada de queso de la ciudad" - reseña del restaurante

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El Wigmore, 15 Langham Place, Londres W1B 3DE (020 7965 0198). Tostada £ 13, snacks £ 5.50- £ 7.75, platos principales £ 14- £ 16, postre £ 5, cervezas desde £ 5 la pinta, vinos desde £ 28.50 La felicidad es una tostada de queso bien hecha. La estufa XXL..

The ‘queen of vegan cheese’ wants to change the dairy industry

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Miyoko Schinner calls herself “the queen of vegan cheese”. El cocinero, activist and author wrote the 2012 book Artisan Vegan Cheese, which taught readers how to make cheeses from nut milk. Two years later she launched M...

The Cheese Barge, London W2: ‘Delicious daftness – restaurant review

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At a time when owners are playing it very safe, hospitality concepts such as The Cheese Barge in Paddington make me very giddy. It’s a barge where the entire menu – starters, mains and pudding – revolves around cheese...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for apricot jam, and cream cheese puddings

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On days when the stone flags are too hot for bare feet, I cover them with a faded, threadbare rug dragged out from the hall. It doubles as a picnic cloth, set with plates of sheep’s milk cheeses, a glass jar of honey ...

Cheese sticks, nut brittle and fruity sweets: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for summer snacks

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I’m an inveterate snacker. So much so, De hecho, that the first thing I do when I arrive anywhere is to seek out a little something to nibble on. I love the snacks that start a meal – the nuts and crisps and dips – and...

How to make the perfect cheese empanadas – recipe

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Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz claimed that one could write a small book on empanadas, empanaditas, pasteles, pastelitos, empadinhas and pastèzinhos … namely, “those delicious turnovers, patties and pies, stuffed with meat, ...

Want to try Jane Austen’s favourite cheese toastie? Now you can

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“Grate the Cheese & add to it one egg, & a teaspoonful of Mustard, & a little Butter,” advises Martha Lloyd, a close friend of Jane Austen, in her recipe for one of the author’s favourite meals, “Toasted C...

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