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Home Office spent almost £9m on deportation charter flights in 2020

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The Home Office spent almost £9m on deportation charter flights last year, il Guardian ha imparato, including more than £500,000 for planes that never left the tarmac. Almeno 828 people were removed by air, more th...

Australian woman in Sydney quarantine told to charter flight to see dying father in Melbourne

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An Australian woman who flew to Sydney from New York has been told she would have to book a $5,000 charter flight in order to see her dying father in Melbourne. Anna Coffey, a student in New York, was informed by her...

Japan’s ruling party accused of violating Olympic charter over LGBT rights

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Japan’s ruling party has been accused of violating the Olympic charter after it failed to approve a bill to protect the rights of the LGBT community, during discussions marred by homophobic outbursts from conservative...

Charter review is ‘significant moment’ for BBC, says Priti Patel

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Next year’s review of the BBC charter will be “a very, very significant moment” for the corporation’s governance structures, Priti Patel has said, giving the clearest indication yet that ministers are considering pote...