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From charred lettuce to stuffed peppers: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for grilled vegetables

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I love putting vegetables on a griddle or barbecue: they look great (those charred black stripes look fabulous against the vegetable in question’s colourful background), they taste great (those charred black stripes e...

Charred houses, cratered lawns and an epic clean-up on road to Chernihiv

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Galina Muzyra moved around her front garden as she cleaned up the mess left by occupying Russian soldiers. “They parked two armoured vehicles on my lawn," ella dijo, pointing to a flattened blue fence next to her neat ...

Restos carbonizados de autobús del ejército después de un bombardeo mata 14 en Damasco - video

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Un ataque con bomba en Damasco ha matado 14 personas y dejaron tres heridos, La televisión estatal siria Sana informó, Publicando un video de los servicios de emergencia buscando los restos carbonizados de un autobús.. Dos bombas cayeron sobre el autobús militar ...

Lytton’s mayor: ‘Where many buildings stood is now simply charred earth’

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On June 29, the small village of Lytton, in Canada, became one of hottest places on Earth. Temperatures reached an astounding 49.6 °C (121.3 °F). The next day, a wild fire destroyed most of the town. In this open lett...