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A Boy Called Christmas review – charming quest gets its Claus in all the family

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You’d need to have the humbuggiest of hearts not to be charmed, even just a little bit, by this family Christmas movie – lavishly adapted, no expense spared, from a kids’ novel by Matt Haig. It begins in modern-day Lo...

Anything Is Possible If You Think About It Hard Enough review – charming odd-couple courtship

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Alex and Rupert should never have met. They certainly shouldn’t have fallen in love. But thanks to a quirk of fate – a magical aligning of numbers, as financer Rupert would put it – they bump into each other on the tu...

Blind Ambition review – a candid, charming take on sight and artistry

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Blind Ambition (BBC dos) takes the tried and trusted format of putting two grumpy men together and sending them off on an exploratory adventure. The twist here is that Jamie O’Leary, a TV director, is partially sighte...

Cita a ciegas: ‘Describe him in three words? Confident, encantador, intelligent’

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Que estabas esperando?A nice dinner with interesting company. Failing that, a funny story. Primeras impresiones?“Great coat – I wonder if that’s my date”, as I walked past the table twice in a late, confused rush aft...

Gandalf the red: confusing and cheap, but Soviet Lord of the Rings is curiously charming

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People used to say that The Lord of the Rings was unfilmable. The scale of Tolkien’s books, the sprawl of them, their unyielding density, made it almost impossible to compress them into a more simplistic form for the ...

Doug Emhoff: ‘charmingsecond gentleman embraces supporting role

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With elbow bumps and masked greetings, Doug Emhoff convened a roundtable discussion on gender equity in the workplace at the headquarters of a construction company outside of St Louis on Wednesday. Seated behind a pla...

Gofres + Reseña de Mochi: la encantadora serie de marionetas de Michelle Obama

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Como primera dama, Michelle Obama recibió muchas críticas en la televisión por cable por su iniciativa de nutrición juvenil, Movámonos!, que combinó el toque suave de la personalidad de "madre en jefe" de la Primera Dama con políticas reales para combatir c ...