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Necesita un deformado, Personaje torturado o malvado para una película de Hollywood.? Elige un actor británico

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Un sensible, juventud geek, atrapado en un rancho de ganado solitario, comprensiblemente podría anhelar una figura de tío amable; alguien en quien confiar, o ser asesorado por. Pero el actor compañero Benedict Cumberbatch ofrece a su hermano ...

West Side Story banned in parts of Middle East over trans character – report

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Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story will not be showing in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Omán, Qatar or the UAE. The big-budget musical, tipped for Oscars, has reportedly been banned because of a transgende...

Eddie Redmayne: playing a trans character in The Danish Girl was ‘a mistake’

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star Eddie Redmayne has described his participation in the trans drama The Danish Girl as “a mistake”, adding that he “wouldn’t take it on now”. Speaking to the Sunday Times, Re...

Dean Stockwell: cult indie character actor who refused to fit in

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Dean Stockwell was the child actor in numberless studio movies of the 1940s, who arguably never quite got over that brutal apprenticeship, especially as the system soon saw that audiences loved it when he cried. Stock...

La fila del antisemitismo obliga al teatro Royal Court a cambiar el nombre del personaje

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Es posible que Al Smith no sea el primer dramaturgo británico en preguntar "¿Qué hay en un nombre??", pero este fin de semana tuvo motivos para reflexionar sobre la famosa frase de Shakespeare. Herrero, el autor de una nueva obra que llegará al teatro Royal Court este nosotros ...

‘I was absolutely terrified of Olivia’: Sydney Sweeney on her White Lotus character

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I typically heard two reactions from people who watched The White Lotus this summer: una, that they were obsessed with the HBO show, a breakout hit about a cursed week at a Hawaiian resort. Two, that they were terrifi...

Bringing home the bacon: retaining character in a converted pigsty

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For a builder to have a penchant for Grandma’s 1950s dainty, flowery teacups is somewhat peculiar, but for New Zealander Martin Gane and his English wife, the interior designer Elle Kemp, seeking out the traditional h...

Grotesque, paranoico, frazzled: why the mum is TV’s most compelling character

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Plastic plates, damp washing, stretched vaginas, nursery drop-offs, felt-tip knees, tepid baths and the constant, unfinished lists. We are experiencing a boom in popular culture right now that celebrates and interroga...

Bosses’ bonuses for zero workplace deaths ‘a terrible judgment on their character’

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Calls are growing for an end to the practice of paying executives health and safety bonuses if none of their employees dies on the job, as an analysis revealed the average value of a human life in some boardrooms unde...