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Michael Chapman was the deepest, most joyful musical lifer I’ve ever met

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For those of us tuned to his frequency, guitarist and songwriter Michael Chapman’s origin story was a legend the likes of which don’t seem to be written much any more. As the tale goes, one rainy night in the late 196...

Michael Chapman: British folk musician dies aged 80

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The British guitarist Michael Chapman has died at the age of 80. In a post to Instagram announcing the news, no cause of death was given, but it was stated that Chapman died at home. “Please raise a glass or two to a ...

Today it’s cool, tomorrow it’s junk. We have to act against our throwaway culture

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Never have we wanted, owned and wasted so much stuff. Our consumptive path through modern life leaves a wake of social and ecological destruction – trainers barely worn, ignored AI-powered digital assistants gathering...

Labour leader Keir Starmer axes chief aide Jenny Chapman

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Keir Starmer’s closest aide, Jenny Chapman, is to be removed from her role as political secretary after significant criticism from MPs, another major change after a weekend in which the Labour leader replaced almost h...