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The Real Charlie Chaplin review – a gripping study of a complex superstar

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Opening the Gotham hotel press conference for Monsieur Verdoux in 1947, Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) told journalists to “proceed with the butchery”. I’d read that comment before, but in this expansive documentary the ...

The Real Charlie Chaplin review – the elusive personality of the little tramp

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The story of Charlie Chaplin only gets more incredible as the years go by: the man who left behind poverty and the workhouse to become the inventor of cinema, celebrity and modernity. As his movies took off, his globa...

How comic genius Charlie Chaplin survived his hungry childhood

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The extreme poverty endured by Charlie Chaplin while growing up in the slums of Victorian London reduced him to stealing and being scolded by the woman who took care of him, according to an interview with one of his c...

Chaplin, Elvis and Batman return: 25 films to look out for in 2022

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Two newcomers become glorious movie stars in this comedy from Paul Thomas Anderson, set in 1970s Los Angeles. Maar ligjare van die swaarmoedigheid van (son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a fast-talking high-school kid with the nerve to...

Stealing Chaplin review – charm pays in messy crime caper

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At one point in Stealing Chaplin, a sozzled huckster tries to pry open a Union Jack-draped coffin as Land of Hope and Glory rings out on the soundtrack. Maybe this somewhat amateurish but spunky low-budget crime film ...

‘People who knew him … didn’t really know him’: who was the real Charlie Chaplin?

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When a normal person ascends to the firmament of fame, their sense of identity is split in two. The self-perception they’ve developed over their life up to that point – the ‘true’ self, allowed to emerge in intimate m...