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En el pasado, chaos brought down governments. Why not this one?

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Voters punish governments that lose control. That has been one of the ruling assumptions of British politics and political commentary since the 1970s. In that infamous decade, Tory and Labour governments alike fell la...

El punto de vista de The Guardian sobre Afganistán: chaos turns to carnage

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For all that it had been warned of, was perhaps even half-expected, Thursday’s terrorist attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport was a deeply shocking event. The setting for the final unravelling of the west’s failure ...

Who’s to blame for the Afghanistan chaos? Remember the war’s cheerleaders

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Everyone is to blame for the catastrophe in Afghanistan, except the people who started it. sí, Joe Biden screwed up by rushing out so chaotically. sí, Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab failed to make adequate and timel...

Top US spy reportedly meets Taliban leader in Kabul amid evacuation chaos

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The top US spy, the CIA director William Burns, reportedly met secretly with the head of the Taliban on Monday in Kabul, in the highest-level diplomatic encounter since the militant group took over. According to a rep...

‘Trapped in hell’: Kabul airport chaos casts doubt on US promise of safe evacuation

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In a voice quivering with fear and exhaustion, Sara pleaded down the phone: “Please, get us out of here. The situation is very bad, we are trapped in a hell.” For the past four days, Sara, who asked for her real name ...

Children passed over the walls of Kabul airport amid evacuation chaos – video

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Footage shows desperate crowds passing children to US soldiers in the hope of getting them to safety at Kabul international airport. Taliban forces have set up checkpoints outside the airport, raising fears that even...

My escape from Afghanistan on a US military plane: ‘It was total chaos’ - video

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Hundreds of people on the runway, women and children screaming, and gunshots lighting up the sky: Afghan journalist Ramin Rahman spoke to the Guardian about his chaotic escape from Hamid Karzai international airport t...

Sesión informativa del miércoles: Lockdown schooling chaos ‘unforgivable’

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Good morning – Warren Murray meeting you in the middle of the week. The government’s refusal to draw up schooling contingency plans before a second lockdown – insisting schools in England would remain open this year ...

Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson’s travel watchlist chaos – cartoon

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Goblincore: the fashion trend that embraces ‘chaos, dirt and mud’

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Mushrooms, toads and moss might not be the most celebrated of nature’s creations, but thanks to goblincore, an aesthetic that is blossoming online as well as in forests, the danker, gnarlier side of nature is enjoying...

Slipknot’s Joey Jordison corralled chaos with his explosive talent

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To better understand the magnitude of former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s death at the age of 46 requires us to first recall the loss of another drummer. Praised universally for his technical wizardry and powerhou...

Food bosses say ministers are making England’s Covid ‘pingdemic’ supply chaos worse

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An emergency government plan to prevent the spiralling “pingdemic” from hitting food supplies has descended into chaos, with industry leaders condemning the scheme as an “absolute disaster” that has done more harm tha...

France fiasco to pingdemic U-turn: Boris Johnson’s week of chaos

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Often, the political week heading into the Commons summer recess can feel almost soporific, with the thoughts of ministers and MPs geared more towards holiday sunbeds than rows. But the last seven days has been differ...

‘My savings were gone’: millions who lost work during Covid faced benefit system chaos

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Unemployed workers are pushing for reforms and changes to America’s unemployment insurance system after millions of workers experienced severe problems in receiving benefits throughout the pandemic. Workers across Ame...

FA commissions independent review into Euro 2020 final Wembley chaos

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The Football Association has commissioned an independent review to investigate the trouble which marred England’s Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy. The FA has announced it informed the Department for Digital, Cultura, ...

Summer chaos predicted as 1.6m in England told to isolate in a week

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Hasta 1.6 million people in England have been told to isolate in a single week, Guardian analysis has found as the government said the Covid app is unlikely to be changed for weeks. The number of new UK coronavirus ca...

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