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Former Channel 4 chair appointed to lead Guardian parent company

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The Guardian’s parent company has hired the former chair of Channel 4 to lead its board of directors, as part of a wider corporate restructuring at the owner of the Guardian and Observer. Charles Gurassa this week lef...

Home Office defends right to seize Channel asylum seekers’ phones

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The Home Office has defended its right to seize the mobile phones of asylum seekers who cross the Channel in small boats, telling the high court it helps officials gather evidence about the people smugglers who organi...

Border Force picks up 67 people after Christmas Day attempt to cross Channel

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UK authorities have rescued 67 people who were attempting to cross the Channel on Christmas Day. Border Force agents took a group of people to Dover in Kent in the early hours of Saturday, after an incident involving ...

BBC names 20 of the people who drowned when dinghy sank in Channel

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Most of the people who lost their lives when their flimsy dinghy sank in the Channel last month have been named for the first time in a new investigation. The BBC World Service has named 20 of the people who travelled...

Convictions quashed for men who drove dinghies across Channel

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The convictions of four asylum seekers for driving small boats across the Channel have been found unsafe by the court of appeal in a ruling that identified systemic failings in such prosecutions. The three judges in t...

Più di 130 persone salvate dopo essere rimaste bloccate nella Manica

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Più di 130 persone sono state salvate dopo che le loro navi di fortuna sono rimaste bloccate nella Manica mentre cercavano di raggiungere la Gran Bretagna dalla Francia, Le autorità francesi hanno detto. Due navi della marina e due scialuppe di salvataggio hanno portato il 1...

The great subtitles fiasco: Canale 4 must be punished for failing deaf viewers

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Let’s abandon the misconception that only deaf and disabled people benefit from subtitled television. If you were one of the 5.7 million viewers in the UK who watched the Korean drama Squid Game last month and opted f...

People onboard sinking Channel dinghy ‘tried to contact UK authorities’

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The occupants of a boat that sank last week in the Channel causing the deaths of at least 27 people may have tried to contact the UK authorities, the Home Office has acknowledged. Dan O’Mahoney – the clandestine chann...

La polizia francese smantella il campo dove sono rimaste le vittime della tragedia del Canale

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La polizia francese armata ha smantellato un campo di migranti improvvisato fuori Dunkerque dove il 27 le persone morte in mare la scorsa settimana sono rimaste prima di annegare nella Manica. Il sito base, da un canale fuori dal Grand-Smythe ...

Channel crossings are an English issue, says French minister

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Senior French ministers have accused the UK of operating a labour market akin to slavery and called on London to open safe routes for migrants, as the two governments continued to deflect blame for last week’s drownin...

Disney+ channel launches in Hong Kong, without the Simpsons Tiananmen Square episode

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An episode of the Simpsons in which the cartoon American family visit Tiananmen Square is absent from Disney’s streaming channel in Hong Kong, at a time when authorities are clamping down on dissent. The missing episo...

UK’s ‘double talk’ on Channel crisis must stop, says French interior minister

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The French interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, has said British ministers including his counterpart, Priti Patel, should stop saying one thing in private while insulting his country in public if there is to be a solut...

UK and France playing ‘blame game’ after Channel deaths, say Labour

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Both the UK and France are “engaging in a blame game” over people making perilous Channel crossings in small boats, Labour has said, rather than sitting down together to try to work out a way to prevent more deaths. T ...

Channel crossings: who would make such a dangerous journey – and why?

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Last week’s tragedy in the Channel has reopened the debate on how to stop people making dangerous crossings, with the solutions presented by the government focused on how to police the waters. Less has been said about...

La tragedia della Manica – cartone animato

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Chris Riddell on the drowning of refugees trying to reach Britain• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Kurdish village fears the worst for its loved ones after Channel disaster

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Very little is known about the 27 people who drowned trying to cross the Channel in an inflatable boat on Wednesday, other than that many are thought to have come from northern Iraq. In the Kurdish village of Ranya, f...

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