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Production company disputes Nadine Dorries’ claim Channel 4 faked reality show

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Nadine Dorries’ claim that a Channel 4 reality show she appeared on used paid actors is “unfounded”, according to the production company that made the show. The culture secretary told parliament on Thursday that she b...

Kanaal 4 sell-off ‘will undermine PM’s promise to level up country’

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Government plans to privatise Channel 4 are wide open to being challenged in court because they would undermine Boris Johnson’s commitment to “levelling up” the country, the head of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership...

Kanaal 4 chief looks north in bid to resist privatisation

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“There are plenty of stages to go in the ownership discussion,” said Alex Mahon, the ever-optimistic chief executive of Channel 4, days before the government’s plans to privatise the broadcaster are to be announced in...

Kanaal 4 offers to sell London HQ under alternative plan to privatisation

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Kanaal 4 has said it could sell its £100m London headquarters and almost double the number of staff working outside the capital under plans to become “northern-based” that it hopes offer an attractive alternative to ...

Nadine Dorries’s slip-ups may be funny – but her Channel 4 plans are no joke

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The slip-ups and car-crash interviews of Nadine Dorries, the secretary of state for culture, such as her reference to “downstreaming” films, provide regular fodder for satirists and social media users alike, but the p...

Kanaal 4 privatisation to begin amid criticism from MPs and industry

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Ministers will formally start the process of privatising Channel 4 on Thursday – despite widespread opposition from the British media industry, the broadcaster’s current management, and a large number of Conservative ...

BBC Drie: relaunched live TV channel struggles to win viewers

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When BBC Three relaunched as a live television channel earlier this year, the corporation hoped its counterintuitive punt on a youth-focused broadcast outlet would help it reach new audiences. In plaas daarvan, the channel’s s...

Kanaal 4 privatisation plan is motivated by Tory spite

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Dorothy Byrne makes a compelling case for keeping Channel 4 in the public sector and exposes the government’s case for privatisation as the ill-informed, dogmatic and spiteful exercise it undoubtedly is (The sell-off ...

Ben Jennings on Boris, Dorries and the sale of Channel 4 – cartoon

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Tory ’revenge’ against Channel 4 could turn into bruising battle

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According to one key individual involved in the battle for Channel 4’s future, the broadcaster is a “wonderful company doing a fantastic job”, it is performing well financially and plays a crucial role in supporting t...

Senior Tories speak out against Channel 4 privatisation plans

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Boris Johnson is facing a backlash from senior Tories over plans to privatise Channel 4, with former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson branding it “the opposite of levelling up”. Davidson led calls for the government...

Privatising Channel 4 ‘doesn’t make sense’ and will cause ‘great deal of damage’, sê Arbeid - Britse politiek lewendig

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Nuutste opdaterings: shadow culture secretary says move to privatise Channel 4 will hurt jobs and creative industries

Nadine Dorries presses ahead with plan to privatise Channel 4

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The culture secretary, Nadine Dorries, is pushing ahead with controversial plans to privatise Channel 4, with the government backing proposals to sell off the broadcaster after 40 years in public ownership. The govern...

Cronyism fears as businessman Sir Ian Cheshire is named head of Channel 4

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Ministers have been accused of another case of cronyism over the appointment of the new Channel 4 chair. Veteran businessman Sir Ian Cheshire has been chosen to oversee the broadcaster, which has been beset with rumou...

Ofcom revokes UK broadcasting licence of Kremlin-backed RT TV channel

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The media regulator, Ofcom, has revoked Russian-backed television channel RT’s licence to broadcast in the UK with immediate effect. The channel vanished from British television screens two weeks ago as a result of EU...

The Channel 4 exposé of the Jeremy Kyle Show made me ashamed of the TV profession

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Over two nights this week, millions of viewers watched the horror that was ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show exposed. The two-part investigation, Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime, on Channel 4, suggested that the production te...

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