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‘Canaries in the coalmine’: loss of birds signals changing planet

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The world’s birds, described as the planet’s “canaries in the coalmine”, are disappearing in large numbers as the colossal impact of humanity on the Earth grows, a global review has found. There are about 11,000 speci...

‘House of love’: the calm, creative space changing young lives in Karachi

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Living in Lyari was like living on the frontlines of a war, says Nauroz Ghani, who grew up in the Karachi slum notorious for its bloody gang battles. So used to the constant gunfire, he says he would “become restless ...

'Ek is 'n vegter gebore': die kampioenbokser wat jong lewens in Zimbabwe verander

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Onder 'n sinkdak in die stampvol Harare-voorstad Mbare, 'n groep seuns pyl heen en weer oor 'n gladde betonvloer, 'n reeks vinnige slae in die lug afvuur. 'n Stewige ouer man, geklee in lo...

Arsenal’s squad needs changing, admits struggling Mikel Arteta

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Mikel Arteta expects to be backed heavily by the Kroenke family in his efforts to reverse Arsenal’s slide and accepts significant changes to a floundering squad will be required over the summer. Arsenal host West Brom...

Bricks and clicks: the importance of shapeshifting in the changing retail sector

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Some people refer to it as the “new flex”. Others liken it to “shapeshifting”. Whatever you call it, the retail industry has had to take the standard notions of business agility to a whole new level – with many having...

By changing young people’s attitudes, we can end violence against women

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Recently, I delivered a healthy relationships workshop at a primary school. We started by playing a drama game, where we asked the children to pretend to be different types of people. A superhero? Lots of air-punches....

Changing Destiny review – Ben Okri’s sketchy foray into ancient Egypt

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Two towering pyramids dominate the auditorium, which is arranged in the round. The top structure laps with virtual flames and looks like a symbolic campfire, simultaneously state-of-the-art and ancient, around which t...

Changing rooms are temples to community, and I miss them

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I miss changing rooms. Not the TV programme, though I believe that is making a return, but actual changing rooms. As far as coronavirus goes, they must be contenders for the ideal petri dish, and so have understandabl...

Changing Rooms returns … and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s back to his peacocking best

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen reclines on his latest victim’s sofa, ready to deliver the dizzying design-swap that is Changing Rooms. dit is 17 years since the show last aired, but age has not withered LLB, who lies waiting ...

Changing Rooms review – design so dreadful you’ll be scarred for life

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I remember the time Linda Barker put up shelves to house a woman’s beloved teapot collection and they collapsed overnight, shattering every piece of china and the woman’s heart into a thousand pieces. I remember Anna ...

Changing the game: how the Mighty Ducks reboot flips the script

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In Disney+’s new take on the much-loved hockey trilogy, the Ducks are no longer the heroes, following in line with a string of rule-rewriting sports movie rebootsThe played out formula of the sports movie has seen a n...

Far: Changing Tides review – a stirring apocalypse fable

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Far: Changing Tides melds Mario with Cormac McCarthy and a touch of nautical engineering. Human civilisation lies in ruins, and you are a child journeying to the other end of it. You can’t do this on foot, egter. Die vraag na werkers is sterk namate die ekonomie ontstaan ​​​​uit twee jaar van pandemie-geïnduseerde ontwrigting.

How Shirley Hughes explored the dramas of children’s lives in a changing world

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Last week my Twitter feed was overflowing with warmth, gratitude, memory and reflection in the wake of people hearing that Shirley Hughes is no longer with us. For many, she has been an intergenerational author, delig...

Is Russia’s military strategy in Ukraine changing?

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Op Dinsdag, Russia announced it would ‘radically reduce’ its military activity in northern Ukraine, but the Ukrainian military warns that Russia’s statement is intended to mislead them. Emma Graham-Harrison reports fr...

LeBron James was ‘very skeptical’ about Covid vaccine before changing mind

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LeBron James said on Tuesday that he doesn’t think he has the right to judge people over their vaccination status. James made the comments during Los Angeles Lakers media day, touching on the vaccine as well as his te...

Living in a woman’s body: like Earth, we are changing quickly through the violence of climate collapse

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The story my body wants to tell is that my body and the body of Earth are One. Our power and the power of Earth are intrinsically bound in generosity and regeneration, not scarcity and sacrifice. Renewal, abundance, ...

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