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British MPs call for law changes to help young Hongkongers flee to UK

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More than nine in 10 people who have faced protest charges in Hong Kong are too young to access a UK visa scheme dedicated to helping Hongkongers flee to Britain, according to advocates and MPs calling for new laws to...

BBC changes online article at centre of transphobia row

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The BBC has been forced to edit an article condemned as transphobic after a woman quoted in the piece described trans women as “vile, weak and disgusting” and it emerged she had previously been accused of sexual misco...

From planning ahead to drinking more water: nine simple changes to help improve your wellbeing

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Healthy living should be simple, but given our busy lives it can often be frustratingly difficult. We know we’re supposed to exercise and get fresh air, drink plenty of water, eat nourishing foods and have eight hours...

Handball federation changes uniform rules after pressure over ‘sexist’ bikini rule

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The International Handball Federation has responded to widespread accusations of sexism by changing its rules around women’s uniforms to allow bike shorts and tank tops instead of bikini bottoms and crop tops. The spo...

Die wêreld slaag nie daarin om die veranderinge aan te bring wat nodig is om klimaatsineenstorting te vermy nie, verslag vind

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Elke uithoek van die samelewing slaag nie daarin om die "transformasieverandering" te neem wat nodig is om die mees rampspoedige gevolge van die klimaatkrisis te voorkom, met tendense óf te stadig óf in sommige gevalle selfs agteruit, volgens ...

Poland fined €1m a day over controversial judicial system changes

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Poland has been fined €1m (£845,000) a day by the European court of justice for ignoring a ruling that it must suspend its controversial judicial system changes. The inflammatory move, which runs contrary to recent wo...

David Davis vows to lead rebellion against judicial review changes

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The former cabinet minister David Davis has pledged to lead a rebellion against the government’s changes to judicial review, calling them a worrying assault on the legal system and attempt to avoid accountability. Bef...

From your home, to your diet and how you shop: simple changes you can make to live more sustainably

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Naturally, many people feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis. And a recent IPCC report, claiming that temperatures are likely to rise by more than 1.5C within the next two decades, is enough to make us feel even less...

Kanye West officially changes name to Ye

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The singer Kanye West will from now on formally be known simply by the name Ye. A Los Angeles judge late on Monday approved the request of the rapper, producer and fashion designer to legally change his name from Kany...

FTSE 100 heads for pandemic high; UK haulage association blasts cabotage changes – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Australiese Covid nuus lewendige opdatering: NSW rekords 587 gevalle soos Perrottet aankondigings oor beperkings aankondig; Victoria rekords 1,638 gevalle, twee sterftes

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Victoria berig 1,638 nuwe gevalle en twee sterftes; Dominic Perrottet kondig aanpassings aan die NSW Covid -padkaart aan - alle NSW -kinders om terug skool toe te gaan 25 Oktober as staatsrekords 587 gevalle; Franse ambassadeur in r ...

‘Done his duty’: Keir Starmer pleases supporters with rule changes

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Keir Starmer stunned even some close colleagues earlier this week when he abruptly announced plans to push through a radical overhaul of the way Labour elects its leaders at the party’s conference in Brighton. Leaders...

Vertel ons: how will you be affected by the changes to UK travel rules?

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The “amber list” of overseas destinations is to be scrapped in an overhaul of UK travel rules, the Department for Transport announced on Friday. The traffic light system is to be replaced with destinations listed as e...

Lake Tahoe ski resort changes name to remove racist and misogynistic slur

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A popular ski resort at California’s Lake Tahoe has changed its name to remove a racist and misogynistic slur after consultations with local Indigenous groups. The resort, known as Squaw Valley since 1949, will be cal...

Turning to pumpkins: autumn changes face of Chelsea flower show

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Pumpkins, grasses and seed-heads take centre stage at the Chelsea flower show as the deep, rich hues of autumn replace the fresh pastel spring palette usually on show over the event’s 108-year history. Forced to cance...

UK pensioners: how will you be affected by tax changes?

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As part of the government’s health and social care reforms, around 1.3 million pensioners over the age of 65 who earn more than £9,568, will be paying national insurance contributions on their earnings for the first t...

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