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Becky Downie’s world championships place a triumph of supreme resilience

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Even for the rare competitors who progress seamlessly throughout their careers, gymnastics is an unfathomably difficult sport. It pounds down on muscles and joints, it requires singular focus for success and because t...

Filippo Ganna edges out Van Aert to win world championships time-trial crown

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The Italian Filippo Ganna broke Flemish hearts on the opening day of the world road race championships in the Belgian cycling heartland by taking a narrow victory in the elite men’s time trial. Ganna pushed the home f...

Lizzie Deignan still Britain’s best hope at Road World Championships

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Great Britain will field some of their strongest teams ever for the Road World Championships this coming week in Flanders. The squads are bursting with youthful talents such as the Olympic gold medallist Tom Pidcock a...

British Town Crier Championships to be held in silence due to Covid

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Town criers come in all shapes and sizes, but you may expect the possession of a powerful set of lungs to be a prerequisite for anyone hoping to be crowned National Champion. Hoor? In a new Covid-conscious world, die ...

‘It’s nip and tuck’: the Championship’s final wild dash for promotion

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Norwich have emerged to lead the pack but Swansea, Watford and Brentford will still fancy their chances of a top-two finishAnd so we reach the final chapter. The league season might by general consensus be a marathon ...

Eight-year-old among contenders hoping for last word at Scrabble championships

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Jeffrey Lam and his brother Alex, 11, will be joined by an 87-year-old grandmother and world’s second-ranked player this weekendJeffery Lam plays Scrabble like a pro. He studies the board with all the intensity of a w...