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Skaak: National solving championship opens for entries from Britain

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This week’s puzzle is the opening round of a national contest where Guardian readers traditionally perform strongly and in numbers. You have to work out how White, playing as usual up the board, can force checkmate in...

Evian Championship 2021: final round – live!

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Argentina Pumas v Australia Wallabies: Rugbykampioenskap 2021 - leef!

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Gesprekspunte vir krieket in die provinsie: chilly start for the revamped championship

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Somerset started the season by taking a step closer to their traditional autumnal heartbreak with a wonderfully resistant win over Middlesex. After Sam Robson’s opening day 165, Middlesex’s bowlers looked like earning...

Kampioenskap-samevatting: Brentford laat nog punte daal as Forest-gryp gelykop is

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Brentford se hakkelende promosiedruk het nog 'n knou gekry nadat hy aan 'n 1-1 gelykop deur die kampioenskapstryd Nottingham Forest. Ivan Toney se kolskop - sy 28ste doel van die seisoen - het die gasheer 'n eerste keer gegee..

Nepomniachtchi sets up World Chess Championship date with Carlsen

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Ian Nepomniachtchi, the 30-year-old Russian champion, will face Magnus Carlsen for the Norwegian’s world crown in Dubai this November after the Muscovite took a winning lead on Monday at the Candidates in Ekaterinburg...

Mark Selby beats Shaun Murphy to win fourth World Snooker Championship

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Mark Selby fended off a late Shaun Murphy resurgence in a high-quality World Snooker Championship final to seal his fourth title 18-15 at the Crucible on Monday. Having won seven out of the nine frames played on Sund...

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