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Raising Icarus review – high-flying chamber opera that packs a punch

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‘A timeless story of parental harm done to children”, is composer Michael Zev Gordon’s description of the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. His Icarus opera has been a long time in the making; in 2011 he wrote a brief thea...

Kongreslid Jamie Raskin: 'Ek sal nooit die verskriklike geluid vergeet van hulle wat probeer om die kamer binne te loop nie'

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Hy het spandeer 5 Januarie by 'n grafdiens vir sy seun, Tommy, wat sy eie lewe geneem het na jare wat deur depressie geskadu is. Hy het spandeer 6 Januarie onder beleg by die US Capitol soos 'n skare Donald Trump-ondersteuners opgevoer het ...

The Echo Chamber by John Boyne review – Hogarthian remorselessness

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John Boyne is angry. And with good cause: syne 2019 YA novel, My Brother’s Name Is Jessica, was monstered by an online social furore. Having only ever intended it as an empathic exploration of transitioning, he found h...

Awakening Shadow review – chamber opera adds up to less than the sum of its parts

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There was a time when the Cheltenham festival was one of the finest showcases for new music in Britain. Its importance has slowly declined, until now it is just another of the town’s portfolio of festivals, and this y...

Republicans flout mask requirement in US House chamber

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Republicans in Congress are rebelling against the mask requirement on the House chamber, which remains in place due to Covid-19 safety concerns from Democrats, who hold the majority. During votes on Tuesday, several R...

‘It was a torture chamber’: Ugandans abducted in vicious crackdown

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Hundreds of ordinary people suspected of supporting opposition politicians in Uganda have been snatched off the streets by security services in the worst wave of repression in the east African country for decades. Man....

Czernowin: Heart Chamber review

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Though her works are still hardly known in Britain, Chaya Czernowin is a major, distinctive voice in new music on both sides of the Atlantic. Heart Chamber, first performed in Berlin in November 2019, is her fourth op...