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Boris Johnson is stealing Labour’s clothes? He’ll sell you a bridge too

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Naughty Boris! You know the line and its intonation. There goes the prime minister, tearing into the tenets of Toryism with the same puppyish ferocity as his Bullingdon pals used to set about restaurant windows. Rippi...

El plan de los conservadores para "subir de nivel" a Gran Bretaña no puede tomarse en serio. Este es el por qué

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Dulce lector, ¿Anhelas un alivio ligero?? Bien, Tengo la cosa! Una prueba. A continuación se presentan tres declaraciones hechas por un destacado político en un pasado no muy lejano que serían inimaginables desde cualquier frente de gobierno..

The UK government’s race report is so shoddy, it falls to pieces under scrutiny

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Plenty has been said about the politics of the government’s latest report on race. Barely any attention has been paid by most of the media to its actual evidence, even from supporters delighted that it has some. “This...

‘Sleaze’ doesn’t capture it: Boris Johnson is utterly careless of everyone but himself

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While writing his last novel, F Scott Fitzgerald reminded himself of one fundamental truth by putting it in big block capitals: ACTION IS CHARACTER. And through Boris Johnson’s actions what has been exposed over these...

Hartlepool has taught Labour a painful lesson: these are not ‘the same old Tories’

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La semana pasada, a senior member of Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet told me: “If the Tories can win Hartlepool, nowhere is safe. They can win anywhere.” A seat that had been Labour since its creation, slap-bang in what the pa...

The Dominic Cummings circus is an indictment of the entire governing class

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Who better to judge the true significance of Dominic Cummings’ Big Day Out at parliament than Dominic Cummings himself? Not the grave-faced, shaven-headed man we’ve been watching, ladling out his revenge cold, but an ...

There is an evictions crisis happening right under our noses

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For weeks, newspapers and campaigners have been warning of a looming evictions crisis. Of landlords free again, as of this month, to set the bailiffs on their tenants. Of hundreds of thousands of people losing their h...

Under Keir Starmer, Labour is treating Muslim voters as expendable

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Three weeks ago, Keir Starmer seemed to be heading for another byelection humiliation and a senior Labour official told the Mail on Sunday why. “We’re haemorrhaging votes among Muslim voters, and the reason for that i...

After Covid, the climate crisis will be the next thing the right says we ‘just have to live with’

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Soon, a few of the more shameless newspaper commentators will urge the rest of us to “learn to live” with climate breakdown. Soon, a couple of especially sharp-elbowed cabinet ministers will sigh to the Spectator that...

A community in the heart of Tottenham has shown how to fight the developers – and win

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The message lit up her phone late last Thursday afternoon, and as soon as Vicky Alvarez saw it the tears came. She ducked out of her meeting, hurried to the loo and began phoning family. “We’ve won,” she told them. “...

Empty shelves are the only way Britain’s underpaid workers can grab national attention

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In the mid-noughties, I was economics producer at the BBC, working with the then economics editor, Evan Davis. He had just begun presenting a new programme called Dragons’ Den, and had noticed something odd about the ...