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This British ‘bill of rights’ is constitutional butchery that will make us all less free

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After years of threats and Conservative manifesto commitments, it looks like a British “bill of rights” to scrap and replace the 1998 Human Rights Act is finally upon us. “My ministers,” read the Prince of Wales in hi...

After Sarah Everard’s murder, police powers need to be curbed not strengthened

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From the moment Sarah Everard was stopped by Wayne Couzens, she probably never had a chance. He was armed with a police badge, belt and handcuffs; with strength, power and authority. The lockdown laws, which have huge...

Apsana Begum’s court ordeal is an indictment of Tower Hamlets council

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It could have been a John Grisham novel set in the Chicago of yesteryear. Apsana Begum, Britain’s first hijab-wearing MP, was acquitted last week of three counts of housing fraud in a failed prosecution by her own Tow...

George Galloway didn’t have a monopoly on the dirty tricks in Batley and Spen

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I wonder which will be remembered longest; the outcome of the Batley and Spen byelection, or the manner in which it was conducted? Labour won the seat by a narrow margin of 323 votes, but the interventions of div`isiv...

‘Black fungus’ is creating a whole other health emergency for Covid-stricken India

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Covid-19 has killed millions around the world, but for some who are lucky enough to survive the infection, the nightmare is not over: adding insult to injury are deadly fungal infections that follow in the wake of the...

Reeta Chakrabarti rejects Jeremy Paxman’s claim ‘any fool’ can read news

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The BBC presenter Reeta Chakrabarti has said that presenting a news bulletin is a skilled job, after Jeremy Paxman claimed that “any fool” could do it. Paxman has made a series of series of criticisms of the BBC and t...

After the Sarah Everard vigil scandal, who still thinks the police need extra powers?

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The Peterloo massacre in 1819, the abuses of the suffragettes in the early 20th century, the killing of Blair Peach in 1979, the recent “spy cops” scandal: there have been many dark moments in Britain’s history of pol...