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Yodel drivers begin strike vote, raising fears for UK supply chains

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Yodel’s delivery drivers are voting whether to go on strike in a move that could worsen the UK’s supply chain crisis. The GMB union said it had opened a ballot on industrial action for more than 250 of its members on ...

Overworked, underpaid: workers rail against hotel chains’ cost-cutting

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The hotel industry is rebounding from the pandemic, but workers now fear planned labor cuts could cost tens of thousands of jobs and increased workloads for those who remain. Several of the largest US hotel chains hav...

Cinema chains count on 007 to restore their Covid-hit takings

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As ticket sales flicker back into life following the reopening of cinemas earlier this month, theatre owners are banking on one film to deliver them pre-pandemic-level crowds and box office success: Bond. Sticking to ...

Pub-goers are braving wet weather to return to local, say pub chains

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Customers have been braving the wet weather to flock back to their local for a pint, according to the pub groups Mitchells & Butlers and Marston’s, which have reported strong demand since reopening in mid-April. T ...

Algunos probadores permanecerán cerrados mientras las cadenas de moda se preparan para reabrir en Inglaterra

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Los compradores en Inglaterra finalmente podrán probarse jeans, sujetadores, trajes y otras prendas que requieren un ajuste perfecto desde el lunes, cuando varias cadenas de tiendas reabren los vestuarios por primera vez en un año..