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Djokovic circus unleashes toxic chain reaction of mistrust and resentment

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Novak Djokovic fought the Australian government in the same way he fought his rivals on the tennis court: with defiance and stone-willed refusal, with every tool at his disposal and every last fibre of his being, with...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie dall'Australia: Novak Djokovic decision looms; national cabinet’s supply chain crisis response ‘unworkable’

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Government expected to rule on tennis star’s visa today; changes to close contact rules condemned by business and unions. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

‘Where is my shipment – and when will I get it?': three ways businesses can solve supply chain woes

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Business supply chains aren’t perhaps the most compelling topic of conversation. But in recent months, they’ve become the source of much drama and debate. Supermarket shelves have been sitting bare, empty fuel pumps h...

UK construction growth slows despite improved supply chain

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Growth in the UK construction industry slowed in December as the impact of Omicron offset gains for building firms from fading supply chain disruption. Figures from IHS Markit and the Chartered Institute of Procuremen...

Lateral flow test shortage is a supply chain disaster

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I spent an hour on Wednesday driving around trying to get hold of lateral flow tests for myself and my husband as we only have four left (Covid test shortages threaten New Year’s Eve celebrations in England, 28 Decemb...

Pandemic caused perfect storm for supply chain crisis, dicono gli esperti

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It was hard to get through 2021 without hearing about the supply chain. Prima della pandemia, the way products from all over the world would get to American consumers seemed to be a part of a smooth-going system. A sur...

Asia’s factory workers at the sharp end of the west’s supply chain crisis

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Per settimane, Hoang Thi Quynh* worked and slept inside a garment factory in Tien Giang province, in southern Vietnam. She would start her shift at 7.15am and then, after a day spent sewing sportswear garments, enter an e...

Global supply chain crisis could last another two years, warn experts

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In Britain it’s alcohol, in Canada it’s maple syrup, while in Australia it’s a crucial additive for diesel trucks, and in New Zealand it’s brown sugar. These are just some of the many shortages affecting consumers and...

Supply chain ‘must be fixed urgently’ to ensure food security in the UK

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The supply chain crisis must be fixed urgently if the government is to ensure food security in the UK, a coalition of industry groups has warned. Food and farming leaders warn that the sector has been hit by shortages...

One toy’s journey through the supply chain crisis: from Chinese factory to UK child’s stocking

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Quest'anno, as children around the world write their Christmas lists, Santa has more to consider than whether they have been naughty or nice. Some of the season’s most popular items, from bikes to the Nintendo Switch, ...

Cream-cheesed off: bagel-loving New Yorkers face supply chain nightmare

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One of the biggest businesses in New York City has developed a worrying hole: bagels. According to the New York Times, bagel shop owners are facing a shortage of cream cheese, a culinary calamity that could upend how ...

Chain reaction: Canadian MP complains about minister’s video bike backdrop

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A conservative Canadian MP has accused the country’s environment minister of breaching parliamentary protocol after his bicycle appeared on screen during a hybrid session of parliament. Conservative MP Ed Fast said mi...

Asda charters cargo ship with festive items amid supply chain crisis

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Asda has revealed it chartered its own cargo ship to ensure key festive items such as toys, clothing and decorations reach its stores, in the latest example of the extreme measures retailers are taking to mitigate pre...

La produzione aziendale del Regno Unito scende per il sesto mese consecutivo a causa della crisi della catena di approvvigionamento

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La produzione delle imprese britanniche è diminuita per il sesto mese consecutivo in mezzo a una crisi della catena di approvvigionamento, aumento dei prezzi dell'energia e carenza di lavoratori, secondo un sondaggio attentamente monitorato di grandi datori di lavoro. Produzione commerciale nel Regno Unito ...

Ikea owner warns of price rises as supply chain crisis takes toll

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The prices of Ikea furniture and homeware are to rise as a result of lasting disruption to its supply chain, the brand’s owner has warned, after increased costs of raw materials and transport knocked its full-year pro...

Could landlocked south Texas help a backlogged US supply chain?

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An unusual event marking what organizers called “the start of the produce season” was recently held on the US side of an international port of entry connecting Mexico with Pharr, Texas. It was a different kind of ribb...

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