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Chain reaction: Canadian MP complains about minister’s video bike backdrop

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A conservative Canadian MP has accused the country’s environment minister of breaching parliamentary protocol after his bicycle appeared on screen during a hybrid session of parliament. Conservative MP Ed Fast said mi...

Asda charters cargo ship with festive items amid supply chain crisis

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Asda has revealed it chartered its own cargo ship to ensure key festive items such as toys, clothing and decorations reach its stores, in the latest example of the extreme measures retailers are taking to mitigate pre...

La produzione aziendale del Regno Unito scende per il sesto mese consecutivo a causa della crisi della catena di approvvigionamento

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La produzione delle imprese britanniche è diminuita per il sesto mese consecutivo in mezzo a una crisi della catena di approvvigionamento, aumento dei prezzi dell'energia e carenza di lavoratori, secondo un sondaggio attentamente monitorato di grandi datori di lavoro. Produzione commerciale nel Regno Unito ...

Ikea owner warns of price rises as supply chain crisis takes toll

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The prices of Ikea furniture and homeware are to rise as a result of lasting disruption to its supply chain, the brand’s owner has warned, after increased costs of raw materials and transport knocked its full-year pro...

Could landlocked south Texas help a backlogged US supply chain?

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An unusual event marking what organizers called “the start of the produce season” was recently held on the US side of an international port of entry connecting Mexico with Pharr, Texas. It was a different kind of ribb...

Virgin Wines posts sales rise and brushes off supply chain crisis

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Virgin Wines has announced a jump in sales and said it was confident it would avoid the supply chain chaos affecting other retailers because it had stocked up for this Christmas last year. Shares in the online drinks ...

Harry Potter publisher reports record profits despite supply chain crisis

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Bloomsbury, the Harry Potter publisher, has unveiled record sales and profits on the back of the popularity of titles including Tom Kerridge’s latest cookbook during the coronavirus pandemic despite supply chain probl...

Fears grow as UK factories hit by worst supply chain shortages since mid-70s

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Britain’s manufacturers are struggling with their worst supply shortages since the mid-1970s, as fears grow in the sector over the economic fallout from rising costs and a lack of key materials. Almost two-thirds of t...

Industry supply chain fears deepen; UK borrowing undershoots forecasts – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Barclays profits double as CEO brushes off inflation and supply chain fears

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Barclays almost doubled its third-quarter profit to £2bn as it benefited from strong mortgage lending in the UK and a boom in investment banking. The British bank’s profit before tax in the three months to September r...

UK public borrowing falls despite fuel crisis and supply chain issues

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Government borrowing fell at a faster than expected rate in September as the furlough scheme came to an end and tax receipts recovered strongly. Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show borrowing f...

Tesla reports record quarterly earnings despite global supply chain meltdown

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Tesla saw its biggest quarterly net earnings in history, the company said on Wednesday, propelled by record electric vehicle sales last summer, amid a shortage of computer chips and other materials. The company made $...

Supply chain crisis: retail, food and defence firms predict further damage

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Companies in retail, food and defence have warned of further damage from supply chain problems that have dogged industry during disruption from the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit. Months of shipping delays have cause...

Sunak: ‘good amount’ of Christmas gifts available despite supply chain crisis

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There will be a “good amount of Christmas presents available” this year despite supply chain problems, the UK chancellor has said. Rishi Sunak was speaking after a meeting with finance ministers from the G7 group of l...

Biden orders companies to ease supply chain bottlenecks or he’ll ‘call them out’

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Joe Biden has warned companies that he will “call them out” if they fail to “step up” to ease supply chain bottlenecks ahead of the holiday season. The US president, facing grim opinion polls and a stalling legislativ...

UK firms reach deal over CO2 supply chain shortages

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Businesses involved in channelling crucial carbon dioxide supplies to the food and drink industry have struck a deal aimed at averting shortages of products such as meat and fizzy drinks until January next year. The g...

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