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‘Father Time takes its toll’: LeBron James’s Olympic career almost certainly over

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LeBron James is unlikely to add a third Olympic gold medal to his long list of career achievements, according to USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo. James had already opted out of this summer’s Games in ...

Is trouble brewing for Ivanka Trump and Don Jr? They’re certainly acting like it

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My father, you won’t be surprised to hear, is not a billionaire who, until a few months ago, served as the 45th president of the United States. But if he was, do you know what I would be doing right now? Swigging cham...

‘Certainly life-threatening’: 80-year-old Australian survives 30-minute boat ride with tiger snake

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Most people would back well away at the site of a potentially deadly tiger snake – one of the world’s most venomous snakes. But when 80-year-old Australian retired banker Bob Thatcher saw a one-metre tiger snake he ha...

Will moving the All-Star Game cost Georgia $100m? Almost certainly not

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Major League Baseball has found itself at the center of a maelstrom over its decision to relocate this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta over a new law in Georgia that critics say is a form of voter suppression. Natur...

Who should be applauded for the vaccine programme? Certainly not the Tories

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My friend C was getting her vaccine round the corner from my house and wanted me to go with her. I thought this was for my sparkling company but actually it was because she was scared. She’s the most incredible baby. ...