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Queen makes surprise appearance at Elizabeth line opening ceremony

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The Queen has marked the completion of London’s Crossrail project by attending the opening ceremony of the Elizabeth line. Accompanied by the Earl of Wessex, she was welcomed by the prime minister, Boris Johnson, die ...

Oscars 2023: who might be in the running at next year’s ceremony?

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It’s the merciful end of another awards season, filled with bitterness, backlashes and backhanders, which obviously means that, ja, it’s the start of the next one! While frontrunners for each of the main categories m...

Will Smith apologises after hitting Chris Rock during Oscars ceremony – video

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The best actor winner Will Smith apologised in his acceptance speech for striking presenter Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaven head.Accepting the Oscar for his role as Richard Will...

Julian Assange marries Stella Moris in London prison ceremony

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Julian Assange and his partner, Stella Moris, got married on Wednesday at Belmarsh high-security prison in south-east London. The WikiLeaks founder, 50, was granted permission last year to marry Moris – with whom he h...

‘It’s like Heathrow control room’: creating Wondrous Stories, Birmingham 2022’s opening ceremony

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‘“In the 60s, choreographer Yvonne Rainer came out with this whole manifesto: ‘No to spectacle, no to virtuosity ... ’” says Kevin Finnan, artistic director of Motionhouse dance company. Rainer’s No Manifesto continue...

No tears, blather or preaching: how to make the perfect awards ceremony speech

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It’s that time of year when we are about to be subjected to a huge number of speeches. It’s awards season. This evening will see the Bafta winners take to the stage and breathlessly say their heartfelt thank yous. It’...

Robert Milkins apologises for turning up drunk to Turkish snooker ceremony

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The snooker player Robert Milkins is facing disciplinary proceedings and a potential sanction after arriving drunk at the opening ceremony of the inaugural Turkish Masters in Antalya and needing hospital treatment. Ek....

IPC president condemns Ukraine war at Winter Paralympics opening ceremony

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The International Paralympic Committee president, Andrew Parsons, gave one of the most political speeches at an Olympics or Paralympics opening ceremony for decades, as he opened the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics sa...

TV vanaand: the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics in Beijing

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Former slalom gold winner Menna Fitzpatrick, 2014 wheelchair curling bronze medallist Gregor Ewan and first-timer in the alpine skiing competition Shona Brownlee are among the 25 Team GB athletes to champion at this y...

dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia" 69 dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia"

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dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia". dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia", dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia" 70 dit was nie nodig om 'n beroep te doen op "eet boerenkool met quinoa en chia".

Olimpiese Winterspele: 11 key moments from Beijing 2022 opening ceremony

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Beijing again hosted an opening ceremony for the Olympics, and like the Summer Games in 2008, it was directed by Zhang Yimou. The event was on a much smaller and more muted scale than that memorable occasion – with 3,...

Grondvarkdag: mysterious rodent deaths and cover-ups plague ceremony

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Every year in the Canadian town of Wiarton, devout followers of Wiarton Willie the albino groundhog learn from the rodent if the grip of winter is loosening. The annual celebration is part of Groundhog Day, a North Am...

Oscars 2022: seremonie sal weer 'n gasheer hê na drie jaar afwesigheid

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Vanjaar se Oscars-seremonie sal 'n gasheer hê ná 'n drie jaar lange afwesigheid. Tydens die winter Televisiekritici Vereniging virtuele pers toer, die ABC-vermaakpresident, Craig Erwich, aangekondig dat Maart se seremonie ...

Golden Globes: The Power of the Dog and Succession win at celebrity-free ceremony

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The Power of the Dog and Succession were the big winners at an unusual, stripped-back Golden Globes. Tradisioneel, the ceremony is a glitzy telecast with A-listers in attendance but after a year of controversies surr...

Golden Globes lose their shine as A-listers shun ‘unethical’ ceremony

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Those shining orbs, the Golden Globe awards, have well and truly lost their lustre. Unloved and almost unattended, the prize-giving ceremony that once promised more Hollywood entertainment value than any other, with c...

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