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Haitian prime minister forced to flee official ceremony after armed gangs appear

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The deteriorating security situation in Haiti was starkly underlined on Sunday when the country’s prime minister and his security detail were forced to flee an official commemoration in the capital by heavily armed ga...

Emmys 2021: key moments from the ceremony – video

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Royal drama The Crown and feelgood comedy Ted Lasso were among the big winners at television's Emmy awards, a night dominated by streaming shows, British talent and rare wins by women. There were many triumphs for Bri...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games: closing ceremony – live!

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Paralympics opening ceremony: pandemie, politics and plenty of fun

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The location for the Paralympics opening ceremony, at least in the imagination, was that of the Para Airport. After all the dispiriting pandemic processes every athlete has been forced to endure after getting off the ...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: the final countdown to the opening ceremony

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Today in a nutshell: Tokyo is dotting the Is and crossing the Ts – well, the equivalent in the kanji and kana anyway – as it gets ready to host the Paralympics. Tomorrow’s key moments: the Games will award 539 gold me...

Dutch literary prize ceremony cancelled over winner’s Desi Bouterse comments

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Five months ago, Astrid Roemer became the first author from Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America, to win the prestigious Dutch-language literary award the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren, and was praised by...

Tokyo’s opening ceremony plays it safe in extraordinary circumstances

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Setting the right emotional tone for the precursor to an Olympic Games being held in such extraordinary circumstances was always going to be a perilous exercise in not causing offence, to a world traumatised by a pand...

Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony: toil and mourning bloom into sparkling extravaganza

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Rather than turning its face away from the struggles of the past year to put on an all-smiling, all-dancing show, Tokyo’s delayed opening ceremony led with the theme of loss and mourning in a meditative three-hour pro...

Eleven outstanding moments from the Olympic opening ceremony

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Before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony, an advisor to the production, Marco Balich, had promised a sobering ceremony, with beautiful Japanese aesthetics. It mostly felt very subdued indeed until the last half-...

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: build-up to the opening ceremony – live!

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Spotter’s guide: Tokyo’s unique and uncertain Olympic opening ceremony

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Last April, fully 15 months ago, the president of the Tokyo organising committee, Yoshiro Mori, said planning for the opening ceremony was “almost complete”. Three months earlier the ceremony’s creative director, Mans...

Tokyo 2020: director of opening ceremony sacked over 1998 Holocaust joke

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Preparations for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics have been thrown into further turmoil after the show’s director was sacked over a joke about the Holocaust he made in the late 1990s. Kentaro Kobayashi, a po...

AOC boss John Coates orders Annastacia Palaszczuk to attend Olympic ceremony

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Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates has insisted that Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk attend the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony, in an awkward exchange just hours after Queensland won the hosting ...

Tokyo Olympics: attendance to be slashed at opening ceremony

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The coronavirus pandemic is forcing organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to restrict attendance at the Games’ opening ceremony to a limited number of VIPs, Japanese media have reported. The curtain-raiser at the 68,0...

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds reportedly marry in secret ceremony

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Boris Johnson has reportedly married Carrie Symonds today at Westminster Cathedral in a ceremony planned in strict secrecy, according to newspapers. The pair are said to have exchanged vows in front of a small group o...

Oscars 2022: who might triumph at next year’s ceremony?

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It’s not often that the word unusual gets attached to the Oscars, one of the most staid and predictable nights of the year, as sober as the Golden Globes is drunk. But after an unusual year, the awards season followed...

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