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The Saudi tycoon at the centre of an honours controversy

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The son of one of Saudi Arabia’s richest men, Dr Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, has hardly any information listed about him on his charity’s website, but has the honour of a wood, a fountain, a garden and a buildi...

Production allowed to resume of cat food at centre of pet deaths inquiry

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A company whose cat food has been at the centre of an inquiry into a spate of cat deaths will be allowed to restart production, as an investigation found no evidence that its products caused an illness thought to have...

French police on alert after Covid testing centre attacks

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French police have been urged to step up security around Covid vaccination and testing centres after a spate of attacks and vandalism in the last month. As France prepares for a fifth weekend of demonstrations against...

‘Complete removal of hope’: an inmate on life in a close supervision centre

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Kevan Thakrar was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 35 years in jail in 2008 for the murder of three men in a dispute over drugs, and the attempted murder of two women who were in the house at the time. His...

Gabriel Boric wins Chile presidential primary as protest generation takes centre stage

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A decade ago, Gabriel Boric was a long-haired 25-year old leading thousands of clamouring students through the streets of the Chilean capital with megaphone in hand, demanding free education for all. Boric was part of...

ovazioni dalla Corte Centrale, nonne che ballano nel limbo: è stato tutto umiliante, dicono i creatori del vaccino di Oxford

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Le esperienze di Sarah Gilbert a Wimbledon la scorsa settimana hanno avuto chiaramente un profondo impatto sulla ricercatrice medica, anche se non è stata la standing ovation che la pioniera dei vaccini ha ricevuto al Centre Court che l'ha fatta arrabbiare..

‘Anyone can garden’: Hampton Court flower show puts community centre stage

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As the UK’s biggest flower show opens its gates for the first time since the pandemic, the Royal Horticultural Society is on a mission to persuade visitors that gardening is for everyone. The RHS Hampton Court Palace ...

It’s curtains for short hair as Jack Grealish resurrects centre parting

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England’s victory against Germany suggested that football could be coming home. The last time that happened was in 1996, so it seems appropriate that some of the hairstyles sported by the players come from that era. P...

Flexible England win battle for the centre ground in collective triumph

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Inevitably, it would be the attackers who grabbed the headlines. Amid the uncorked pandemonium of England’s 2-0 win against Germany on Tuesday, perhaps it was only natural that the defining motifs would be of England’...

Il centro di Maggie, Recensione di Southampton: premura e calma abbondano

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Il paesaggio è di solito il parente povero dell'architettura. È il pezzo che viene spremuto quando i costi devono essere tagliati, i cui designer sono sottostimati, che è un incompiuto, pasticcio fangoso quando la stampa viene fatta entrare per fare pubblicità...

Renato Sanches takes centre stage to give Portugal new vigour

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After all the fuss, the fretting and the fiddling with lineups, both got what they needed rather than exactly what they wanted. As Portugal celebrated with their supporters behind the goal at full-time, it was clear w...

Black hair takes centre stage as London fashion week focuses on identity

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A poem written in the aftermath of Syria’s six-day war of 1967, the Brixton riots of 1985 and the joy and burden of heritage have all been reflected in key shows at this year’s London fashion week as political identit...

‘Bring them home’: fresh calls for release of family in Australian detention centre

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The plight of a three-year old girl who has spent nearly her entire life in Australian immigration detention facilities has galvanised opposition to the country’s offshore detention system. Tharnicaa Murugappan was ev...

Festival of youth: five tyros ready to take centre stage at Euro 2020

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The latest talent to emerge from the famed “Bromma Boys” production line in Stockholm after Bojan Djordic and John Guidetti. Kulusevski has made steady progress in his first full season at Juventus and was the hero of...

Broadmarsh, Nottingham: city tries to rebuild itself as shopping centre goes

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Metal rods protrude from half-demolished floors like roots, there’s no roof on what was once BHS and panels of 1970s honeycomb ceiling are stacked like giant Lego pieces. Nottingham’s Broadmarsh shopping centre is a m...

Stonewall is at centre of a toxic debate on trans rights and gender identity

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Since its 1989 inception in response to a ban on the “promotion of homosexuality” by schools and councils in section 28 of the Local Government Act, Stonewall has been a part of every major struggle for LGBT rights in...

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