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A Covid snapshot: 28m UK households to take part in census unlike any other

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Twenty-eight million households are preparing for their Covid close-up on Sunday in what may be the last official census after 180 years of mass data gathering once a decade. The mandatory questionnaire will largely b...

Census Bureau data out today will shape the redistricting fight of this decade

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Happy Thursday, It has arrived without much fanfare, but today is one of the most important days for the next decade of American politics. Later this afternoon, the Census Bureau will release the data that all 50 sta...

Census names Richmondshire fastest-ageing area in England and Wales

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Fans of Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm could be forgiven for thinking Richmondshire is overrun with young people, as they follow the adventures of shepherd Amanda Owen and her nine rosy-cheeked children. But this part...

Census sensibility on questions of identity

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Zoe Williams notes the biased census question asking people’s religion (G2, 22 March). Indeed, it’s offensive to many of us; what if it asked “What is your non-religious or anti-religious belief?” with an “Other” box ...

England and Wales in numbers: key points from the 2021 census

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The first data from the 2021 census provides a vivid snapshot of the population of England and Wales but also of the dynamic changes affecting different towns and cities. Here are some highlights:

Fears census abstention could hit public services in Scotland’s poorest areas

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Public services in Scotland’s poorest areas could be harmed by widespread abstention from this year’s census in urban areas, experts fear. Public policy specialists and opposition parties are alarmed after it emerged ...

Femicide Census: there’s a disturbing reason for the falling number of murders

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The Femicide Census usually reports on women killed by men annually, but we had incomplete data from 2019, which continued into 2020 and beyond, largely due to the pandemic’s impact on the court system. We’re finally ...

Guidance on sex question in UK census must be changed, high court rules

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Guidance on the sex question in the UK census must be changed before the official day to complete it on 21 March, a high court judge has ruled. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) had issued new advice on how to ...

Less that half of Britons expected to tick ‘Christian’ in UK census

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The “post-Christian era” in the UK will be cemented by data emerging from Sunday’s census which is expected to show further generational disengagement from organised religion, according to a leading academic. The once...

Nicola Sturgeon urged to scrap census asking teenagers about anal sex

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Scotland’s largest parents’ organisation is calling for the SNP government to withdraw its schools’ health and wellbeing census, which has attracted opprobrium for asking 14-year-olds about their experience of anal se...

Poland activists urge people to think before ticking Catholic box in census

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Activists in Poland are asking people to consider if they are truly Roman Catholic when filling out a national census, hoping a more accurate picture of the country’s makeup will challenge a government narrative of ne...

Texas, Colorado and Florida among states to gain House seats after Census

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Six states will gain additional seats in the US House of Representatives because of population shifts over the last decade, the US Census Bureau announced on Monday. Seven states will lose one congressional seat. The...

The census proves the US is diversifying. Here’s how – in five charts

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The past decade has brought about a rapid increase in the number of people of color in the US, but unlike past decades, the population growth of racial minorities wasn’t just in major metropolitan areas, the latest ce...

The census shows how the US is diversifying – will it lead to political power?

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The data the Census Bureau released last week offered a remarkably clear picture of how the United States is becoming more diverse. For the first time ever, America’s white population declined, while people of color a...

Transgender people can self-identify in Scottish census, confirms judge

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A judge has approved a decision to allow any transgender person in Scotland to select male or female as their sex in this year’s census without holding a gender recognition certificate. Lord Sandison, a civil court ju...

US Census Bureau to kick off redistricting battle with release of 2020 data – live

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• Decennial count determines each number of state’s House seats• Republicans control majority of statehouses that redraw lines

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