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Rocket from the crypt! Phyllida Barlow on her Highgate cemetery sculpture

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Na 18 months of lying low, Phyllida Barlow is at large again. The artist’s hangar-like studio on a south London industrial estate is a yawning void, while on the other side of city, and across the sea in Germany, a ...

Highgate cemetery revamp to fell trees and open views across London

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Hundreds of “spindly” trees at Highgate cemetery are set to be felled under a proposed revamp that aims to open the famous burial ground to views across London. The first images have been released showing how the fina...

Phyllida Barlow to unveil five-metre-tall sculpture at Highgate cemetery

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This summer visitors to Highgate Cemetery in north London will be greeted by something that will stand out – high, wide and handsome – amid the familiar gravestones, famous follies and grand Victorian mausoleums. Phyl...

Urgent action called for over vandalised cemetery and a protruding limb

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Its beautiful Grade II* listed monuments were erected in memory of leading members of the Greek community in 19th-century London, but the graves in West Norwood cemetery are now in a dire state of neglect – with one d...

Dogs and humans live among the gravestones in Pasay cemetery, Philippines – a photo essay

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In the photograph, a skeletal white dog stands on top of a tomb, his spiky vertebrae sharply visible through his ghostly fur. His jutting ribs and pelvic bones match the monotone of grey cemetery aisles and a prominen...