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Kitchen nightmares: do we need more celebrity cooking shows?

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To state the obvious, nobody is going to watch Cooking With Paris to sharpen their culinary skills. The new Netflix series piggybacks on last year’s bizarre, almost Lynchian YouTube video where Paris Hilton cooked wha...

I’m A Celebrity sparks joy in Wales as show returns to Abergele

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The reality television show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! will return to the small north Wales town of Abergele for a second year, sparking joy from local businesses but concern from animal welfare champions. ...

Brands sever ties with Chinese celebrity Kris Wu after date rape allegation

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Chinese brands have severed ties with the Chinese-Canadian singer-actor Kris Wu after he was accused of date rape by a student. Wu shot to fame as a member of the South Korean boyband EXO. After leaving the group in 2...

Stripped-back Euro 2020 signals football’s shift away from cult of celebrity

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As he strides the chinchilla-fur walkways of his personal quarters, power-snacking off moon rock and filtered grasshopper tears, and breaking now and then from his daily round of 12,000 neck-crunches for a 40-minute p...

'Swangerskap is nog 'n verkoopspunt': die opkoms van die bekende bababultjie onthul

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Sondagaand, Cardi B het haar swangerskap op 'n tipiese manier van stilstand aangekondig: op die verhoog. By die BET-toekennings in Los Angeles, tydens 'n optrede met haar man, Offset se band, Migos, die rapper verskyn in 'n ruit ...

The Celebrity Dating Game: haven’t we suffered enough already?

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As we are all aware, linear broadcast TV is on the ropes. The advent of streaming means that it now takes something truly special for network television to cut through all the noise of the millions of choices constant...

Celebrity buzz: how stars’ bedroom toys have got us all talking about sex

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Lily Allen has one. Cara Delevingne has one. Dakota Johnson has developed her own range. Is the celebrity sex toy 2021’s answer to the celebrity perfume? For some, getting busy has been the last thing on the menu duri...

Celebrity merchandise enters new era as stars sell off their clothes

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Celebrity merchandise has entered a new era of personalisation with pop and reality TV stars selling the shirts off their backs, in a move to adapt to Gen Z consumers who are buying their clothes second hand online. S ...

F Lee Bailey, celebrity lawyer who defended OJ Simpson, sterf by 87

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F Lee Bailey, the celebrity attorney who defended OJ Simpson, Patricia Hearst and the alleged Boston Strangler, but whose legal career halted when he was disbarred in two states, has died, a former colleague said Thur...

Crocs of gold: celebrity fans fuel frenzy to buy used ‘ugly clogs’

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Once named among Time magazine’s 50 worst inventions, Crocs have long been one of those love-them-or-hate -them accessories. But now the plastic clogs are being heralded as the shoes of the summer and are in such high...

There are meant to be three phases of TV celebrity. But I’ve discovered a fourth

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I’ve heard it said that there are three phases of fame and fortune. During the first phase, people ask: have you heard of such and such? During the second phase, when you’re flying, they ask: did you see such and such...

Myanmar celebrity model arrested as military targets public figures

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One of Myanmar’s most popular celebrities, the model and actor Paing Takhon, has been arrested by a military that is increasingly targeting celebrities who have criticised the coup. Paing Takhon, who has a huge online...

The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode five – live

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Decorative choux buns and bucket list bakes are on the menu, as Anneka Rice, John Bishop, Ade Adepitan and Nadine Coyle step in to the tent for the final episode of the charity competition

The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode four – live

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After last week – and the creme de la creme of the Celebrity Bake Off world – can KSI, Jade Thirlwall, Katherine Ryan and Stacey Dooley also rise to the challenge?

The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode three – live

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Prepare for sweet treats and cake-themed chaos, as Dizzee Rascal, Philippa Perry, Reece Shearsmith and Nick Grimshaw enter the tent for week three of the charity competition

The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode two – live

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James McAvoy, Kelly Holmes, Anne-Marie and David Baddiel are next in to the tent, with decorative tarts and animal-themed cakes on the menu

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