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Celebrations after Tunisian president sacks prime minister, dissolves government – video

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Crowds of people flooded Tunis on Sunday to celebrate the news that Tunisia's president dismissed the government and froze parliament, in a move that dramatically escalated a political crisis and which his opponents c...

Tunisian president dismisses government, sparking street celebrations

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Tunisian president Kais Saied has suspended parliament and dismissed prime minister Hichem Mechichi after a day of protests against the ruling party brought the country’s political crisis to a head. Cheering crowds qu...

Euro 2020: England celebrations continue after reaching final – live!

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‘It’s beautiful, it’s unbelievable’: England win sparks celebrations across the country

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England fans are 90 minutes away from seeing the men’s national team win a major tournament for the first time in more than half a century after Harry Kane sent the Three Lions to the Euro 2020 finaal. After the captai...

Irish battleship to fly Munster flag as part of Bloomsday celebrations

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The cantankerous xenophobe referred to as the “citizen” in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses seems poised to finally get his wish after more than a century. In Joyce’s literary masterpiece, set in Dublin on 16 Junie 1904, de ...

Emotional celebrations after Giacomo Nizzolo ends long wait for Giro stage win

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Giacomo Nizzolo ended his long wait for a Giro d’Italia stage win as Egan Bernal retained the pink jersey in Verona. The European and Italian champion had a record 11 second places without a win in Giro stages, but th...

Gerrard wants Rangers not to let up as Sturgeon condemns celebrations

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Steven Gerrard has insisted there is more to come from his Rangers team after the Scottish title was secured by Celtic’s failure to beat Dundee United on Sunday. Gerrard, in his third year of management, has comprehen...