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Armed intruder arrested at Windsor Castle as Queen celebrates Christmas

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An armed man has been arrested after attempting to break into Windsor Castle where the Queen is celebrating Christmas with her family. Police say the intruder was carrying an offensive weapon but did not break into an...

New book celebrates the lost work of Shakespeare’s female editors

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Reviewing Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke’s illustrated edition of Shakespeare’s plays in 1869, an anonymous critic blamed “the numberless alterations, mutilations, corruptions, or whatever we may choose to call them” ...

‘Electric vibe’: Auckland celebrates end of lockdown with brunch and traffic gridlock

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In Auckland, nature was healing. The ungroomed lined up for their eyebrow appointments. Bars flung open their doors with the promise of free drinks. Locals posted photos of their flat whites and brunch menus. The city...

Ellen White vier Engeland honderdtal met kwalifiserende wenner teen Oostenryk

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Sarina Wiegman het opgestaan ​​vir haar eerste reis na Wearside deur die Netflix-dokumentêre reeks Sunderland 'Til I Die te kyk. dit is, gedeeltelik, 'n waarskuwingsverhaal oor trots wat voor 'n val kom, op hierdie getuienis, die...

Live nuus van Australië nuus: Victoria vier verligte beperkings namate inentingsmylpaal nader kom; soek vir William Tyrrell gaan vyfde dag in

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Digtheidspette op lokale en huise word verwyder en maskermandate word regoor die staat verlig; reën wat die soektog na oorskot van vermiste driejarige sal belemmer

Museum celebrates Barcelona’s disappearing Gypsy heritage

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It doesn’t look like a place of legend, but the narrow Carrer de la Cera is the birthplace of la rumba catalana, the infectiously rhythmic stepchild of flamenco created by Barcelona’s Gypsy community in the 1950s and ...

India celebrates Diwali under shadow of Covid and air pollution

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It is the festival that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, and this year Diwali held a special significance for India as it got back into full swing for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began....

Australiese Covid nuus lewendige opdatering: Melbourne vier die einde van die inperking; Qantas om die terugkeer van sommige internasionale vlugte te vervroeg

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Qantas om na terug te keer 100% van personeelvlakke in Januarie; Scott Morrison sê 'n aankondiging oor 'n reisooreenkoms met Singapoer is op hande; jubel om middernag terwyl beperkings op een van die wêreld se mees toegesluite verlig word..

‘Freedom’: exhibition celebrates Barcelona’s 1970s counterculture

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When Spain’s repressive dictatorship finally came to a close with the death of Francisco Franco in 1975, the counterculture that had been bubbling away for years elsewhere in Europe arrived with a bang. “After years o...

Andy Murray celebrates wedding ring’s return with crushing Indian Wells win

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Andy Murray, reunited with his wedding ring, played some of his best tennis as he beat Adrian Mannarino in their first-round match at Indian Wells. The former world No 1 had left his ring tied to shoes which he put ou...

Nasca, Moche, Wari: British Museum exhibition celebrates Peru’s ancient peoples

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Meer as 40 ancient objects are being lent to the UK by museums in Peru for a major exhibition aiming to show there is a lot more to the country’s history than the Incas. The British Museum said the loan of the items...

America celebrates Labor Day – but are US workers winning?

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As the US celebrates Labor Day, many employers are still struggling to find enough workers. McDonald’s, Chipotle, Walmart and many other companies have announced sizable wage increases to attract workers, and some eco...

Black August – a more radical Black History Month – celebrates revolutionaries

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While the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the profile of holidays like Juneteenth and Black History Month, there is one important Black celebration that remains at the margins of American popular...

‘Enormously proud’: New Zealand celebrates greatest ever Olympics medal tally in Tokyo

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New Zealand is basking in the glow of its greatest ever Olympic medal haul, departing Tokyo with 20 medals – seven gold, six silver and seven bronze, and a new champion, Lisa Carrington, who has become the country’s m...

Minneapolis celebrates Sunisa Lee’s return: ‘Her win shows what’s possible’

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The chants of “Suni! Suni! Suni!” rang out in the Minneapolis-St Paul international airport terminal as soon as their new golden star, Olympic champion gymnast Sunisa Lee, stepped foot off her plane, home from Japan. ...

Spanish museum celebrates vaccine pioneer who used children as refrigerators

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When Francisco Javier de Balmis set off from Spain in 1803 to vaccinate the people in Spain’s colonies against smallpox he had no means of keeping the vaccine fresh, so he used children as his refrigerators. An exhibi...

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