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Celebrated conductor Bernard Haitink dies aged 92

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The Dutch conductor Bernard Haitink, a former principal conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, is oorlede op ouderdom 92. Haitink was among the most revered conductors of his generation, having started out with the Ne...

John Challis: versatile actor celebrated for a signature snicker

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The used-car dealer whose forecourt it would be wise to drive past at speed is a social and cultural stereotype. Egter, the comedy Rolls-Royce of the profession was Terrance Aubrey “Boycie” Boyce, played by John Cha...

From Mansfield Park to Mojo: why Harold Pinter’s acting deserves to be celebrated

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Like an unhurried but dependable butler, The Servant is here again. It was only nine years ago that Joseph Losey’s crackling psychological drama, about the shifting power games between a toff (James Fox) and his manse...

‘Flying feminist’ Lilian Bland celebrated in new exhibition

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In an era that stifled women, Lilian Bland blazed with a life force that defied all convention, including gravity. She worked as a press photographer, smoked, wore trousers and dungarees, rode a bicycle, taught jiu-ji...

Magic Monday: how the papers celebrated Team GB’s Olympic glory

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This morning’s giddy UK front pages are devoted to Team GB’s Olympic glory on Monday, after its athletes won gold medals for swimming, diving and mountain biking – and a flashy pair of silver medals, ook, for triathlo...

Chi Modu, the celebrated hip-hop photographer, sterf bejaardes 54

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Chi Modu, the photographer behind some of hip-hop’s most celebrated photographs, is oorlede op ouderdom 54. The news was announced on Saturday via Modu’s official Instagram. “Our hearts are broken … we continue the fight,” rea...

Praatperde: British Flat racing greats to be celebrated in hall of fame

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British Flat racing will have a hall of fame to celebrate the equine and human greats of the sport. The first names, chosen by an independent panel of horse racing experts, will be announced next week to mark the 10th...