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Oxford college installs plaque calling Cecil Rhodes a ‘committed colonialist’

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A college at the University of Oxford has installed a plaque next to a statue of the mining magnate and politician Cecil Rhodes, describing him as “committed British colonialist” who exploited the “peoples of southern...

Cecil Rhodes statue will not be removed for now, says Oxford college

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An Oxford University college will not remove a statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes despite an independent commission supporting its removal. Oriel College said in a statement it would not “begin the legal proce...

Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford college should go, says independent report

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A independent commission set up to examine the future of Oxford University’s controversial statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes has recommended its removal. The commission was set up last June after Oxford Unive...

Goodbye Cecil Rhodes: House renamed to lose link to British empire builder in Africa

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Cecil Rhodes House, which overlooks St Pancras rail station in London, is to be renamed after decades of unsuccessful attempts to rid the property of its association with the Victorian imperialist. But to the disappoi...