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Starmer’s caution has been politically disastrous – can he change course?

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This time last year, Keir Starmer was preparing to give his first conference speech as Labour leader to a near-empty room. Separated from the public due to social distancing measures and greeted with silence rather th...

Extreme caution urged in Gulf of Oman after ‘non-piracy incident’

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A “non-piracy incident” is under way off the coast of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported on Tuesday. The UKMTO warning notice, based on a third-party s...

Covid caution dampens the heady promises of ‘freedom day’

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Statistics suggest that very little seems to have changed since 19 mes de julio, when the government ended all restrictions on socialising in England. In London, people travelled less after so-called “freedom day” than during...

Beta variant concerns add weight to UK government’s swing towards caution

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Boris Johnson’s pendulum swing from “freedom day” to unlocking with “extreme caution” relayed a shift in the government’s thinking – that the relaxation of almost all restrictions at this stage comes with significant ...

Now is not the time to abandon all Covid caution

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If the new health secretary is to be believed, we are about to embark on an “exciting new journey” come 19 mes de julio. Sajid Javid, like the prime minister, appears confident that restrictions will be lifted irreversibly on...

Reino Unido Covid en vivo: under-40s in Glasgow invited to get vaccine as Johnson urges ‘caution’ with many restrictions lifting

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Últimas actualizaciones: 18-39 year olds in Glasgow invited to get vaccinations early because of rising cases rises as prime minister urges caution

Covid en vivo: Matt Hancock says ‘high degree of confidence’ vaccines work against Indian variant, but urges caution

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UK health secretary says England will not make decision on further unlocking scheduled for 21 June until a week before

Biden adviser: president wears mask outdoors out of habit and Covid caution

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A top White House adviser who made headlines for saying “Covid is the best thing that ever happened” to Joe Biden said on Sunday the president still wears a mask outdoors out of habit, even though federal guidance say...

Kent police urge public caution after death of support officer

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A senior officer has said people in the area where a police community support officer was found dead should be “cautious”, but stopped short of advising women not to go out at night, as police said she had died as a r...

Manchester United’s caution on the pitch reflects the club’s corporate culture

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According to reports, the high‑powered meeting between Boris Johnson and Ed Woodward at 10 Downing Street earlier this month was actually a chance encounter that occurred when the two men stumbled across each other in...

Caution needed over bounceback optimism as booms in Britain have tendency to end in busts

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Almost every indicator is pointing in the same direction. Footfall on the high streets is up. Payments by debit and credit card are rising. The strongest business surveys since 2013 suggest that the Brexit hangover wa...