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Poverty, not climate breakdown, caused Madagascar’s food crisis, encuentra estudio

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Poverty and a heavy reliance on annual rains are the key factors behind the devastating food crisis in southern Madagascar not climate breakdown, a new study finds. A million people in the region are struggling for fo...

Trump’s ‘fact-free’ approach caused briefing challenges, CIA report says

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Donald Trump’s “fact-free” approach to the presidency created unprecedented challenges for intelligence officials responsible for briefing him, according to a newly released account from the CIA. The 45th president’s...

Disparo de óxido: Los funcionarios dicen que una sola bala probablemente causó lesiones y la muerte después de que Alec Baldwin disparara el arma en el set.

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Funcionarios confirmaron el miércoles que balas en vivo, incluida la ronda que se cree que mató a la directora de fotografía Halyna Hutchins y al director herido Joel Souza, fueron encontrados en el set de la película Rust la semana pasada después de ac ...

Una sola bala probablemente causó la muerte después de que Alec Baldwin disparara un arma en el set, la policía dice - video

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Balas en vivo, incluida la ronda que se cree que mató a la directora de fotografía Halyna Hutchins y al director herido Joel Souza, fueron encontrados en el set de la película Rust la semana pasada después de que Alec Baldwin disparara un arma como parte del ...

Tory austerity caused misery – and now they want to make it worse

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Deaths are what can be counted most easily – bodies can’t be hidden from the statisticians or denied by those responsible for the figures. It was predictable, and predicted, that many more would die when the governmen...

Revisión de "Sé quién causó el Covid-19": el juego de la culpa global

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No es sorprendente que Covid-19 haya enojado a la gente: sus vidas se han visto perturbadas de formas inimaginables. Las personas han perdido a familiares a causa de la enfermedad., o sufrido durante meses con largo Covid. Con la restricción..

Meat-rich diet of 14th-century monks caused digestive issues, hallazgos de investigación

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It may have seemed a good day for medieval monks when a papal decree allowed them to start eating meat including mutton, beef, pork and venison. It was not so good for their bowels. Research by English Heritage sheds ...

US workplace injuries caused by heat severely undercounted, estudio muestra

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US government agencies are likely significantly undercounting the number of workplace injuries caused by extreme heat, según una nueva investigación. Federal and state labor departments keep track of heat-related injuries...

UK trial aims to find hidden lung damage caused by long Covid

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A clinical trial has been launched to detect currently invisible lung damage in people with long Covid, as part of a £20m research drive that scientists hope will end stigma around the condition. Patients still suffer...

Alcohol caused 740,000 cancer cases globally last year – study

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Alcohol is estimated to have caused more than 740,000 cancer cases around the world last year, and experts say more needs to be done to highlight the link. There is strong evidence that alcohol consumption can cause v...

Pandemic probably caused biggest drop in US life expectancy since 1945 – study

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The coronavirus pandemic probably caused the worst decline in life expectancy in the US since the second world war, with disproportionately worse declines for Black and Hispanic Americans, new research published in th...

Lancashire gas explosion that killed two-year-old caused by cut gas pipe

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A gas explosion that killed a two-year-old boy was caused by a cut gas pipe inside a neighbouring house, la policía ha dicho. George Arthur Hinds, aged two years and 10 meses, died in the blast in Heysham, Lancashire, O ...

What has caused Jerusalem’s worst violence in years?

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Jerusalem has experienced its worst unrest in years, with hundreds of Palestinian protesters wounded in clashes with Israeli police. Más que 20 people have been killed in Gaza following fighting between militants an...

No 10 disrespect for John Lewis caused outrage; what does that tell us about the British?

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Shopping for a buggy on Oxford Street last year, I had the depressing thought that I have measured out my life in John Lewis departments. Standing among the other parents-to-be waiting to spend £500 on what amounts to...

AstraZeneca blood clotting: what is this rare syndrome and how is it caused?

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Since rare but severe clotting was seen in some people following vaccination with AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, researchers worldwide have been grappling to understand why the clotting syndrome, known as “thrombosis...

La gran gira de arte británico: the little dog that caused violent riots

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With public art collections closed we are bringing the art to you, exploring highlights from across the country in partnership with Art UK. Today’s pick: Brown Dog by Nicola Hicks, in Battersea ParkIn a secluded area ...

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