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Children’s tsar will hope for better response to new catchup funds plea

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Four months after Sir Kevan Collins quit his role as the government’s education recovery tsar in a row over funding, the new children’s commissioner for England has entered the fray over how best to help pupils catch ...

‘Boris plays catch-up’: what the papers say about Johnson’s tax plan

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The prime minister strikes a series of unusual poses on the front pages of UK papers as he sets out his tax hike plan, with MPs likely to pass the £12bn healthcare levy on Wednesday. The Guardian’s headline asks wheth...

Can someone fill in Dominic Raab about the news? He only watches it on catchup

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What is the role of foreign secretary in the era of Global Britain? News that Dominic Raab was spotted lounging on a beach in Crete on the day Kabul fell certainly sends a message. The suspicion must be that the posit...

Summer school catch-up classes insufficient, say heads and Labour

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Nearly three-quarters of secondary schools in England are offering activities and catch-up classes for children this summer, according to figures announced as part of a £200m scheme supported by the Department for Edu...

Herstelplan vir leerlinge in Engeland is 'swak', voormalige inhaal-tsaar sê

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Die voormalige inhaal-tsaar het die regering se herstelplan vir leerlinge in Engeland gekritiseer, noem dit 'swak' en waarsku teen wat hy beskryf as 'n groeiende selfvoldaanheid dat kinders sal herstel..

Moscow’s cafes ‘sacrificed’ as Russian government plays Covid catch-up

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The tables inside the Primavera Italian restaurant in Moscow’s Shchukino district should have been packed on a Monday afternoon, but the only diners were sat outside braving a thunderstorm. For Moscow’s bustling resta...

School leaders in England reject catchup national tutoring programme

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The government’s flagship effort to help children in state schools catch up on learning lost during the pandemic is being rejected by headteachers in England, despite the tens of millions of pounds being spent on runn...

The ‘catch-up plan’ for schools needs to start with the Department for Education

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It seems to have escaped government ministers’ notice, but running a school is a complex task. I say this because over the last 18 maande, schools in England have been dancing on the head of a pin, reacting to governm...

‘Tutors change daily’: headteachers call for control of Covid catchup money

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When the government announced its first tranche of Covid recovery funding for schools, Anna Grice, a headteacher at Thameside primary in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, immediately knew where to go, as she had an existing rela...

Williamson attacks schools amid criticism of education catch-up plan

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The education secretary has accused schools of cutting short lunch breaks and sending children home early as he came under sustained fire from opposition MPs angry about the government’s “disappointing” education reco...

Labour plans to embarrass government with vote on pupil catch-up plan

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Labour has vowed to force a vote over the government’s “totally insufficient” plans to help pupils catch up on learning lost during the pandemic, as Tory MPs demand an urgent rethink of the programme. Senior Tories ar...

Labour flags concern over outsourcing of England catch-up tuition

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Labour has accused the government of outsourcing its flagship national tutoring programme, designed to help the most disadvantaged children catch up after the Covid pandemic, to a giant human resources conglomerate “w...

Onderwysherstelhoof oorweeg dit om in die Engelse skole op te hou

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Die inligtingshoof van die regering was op die rand van bedanking nadat hy sy voorstelle vir 'n £ 15 miljard-program deur die regering verwerp het, die Guardian verstaan. Bronne na aan Sir Kevan Collins het gesê ...

Union kritiseer 'pittige' Covid-inhaalplan van £ 1,4 miljard vir Engelse leerlinge

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Die £ 1,4 miljard wat aangekondig is vir die inhaalprogram vir leerlinge in Engeland na die pandemie, is 'jammerlik' en 'n fraksie daarvan wat deur ander lande gepleeg is om die onderwys van kinders te help, 'n vakbond vir skoolleiers gesê het. Geof ...

Wednesday briefing: Covid catch-up plan for students ‘inadequate’

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Hallo, Warren Murray with an infusion of news in concentrated form. Pupils are to be offered an extra 100m hours of tuition under a £1.4bn post-pandemic catch-up plan. It is only about a tenth of the £15bn overall sp...

Pupils to be offered 100m hours of tuition in Covid catch-up plan

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Pupils will be offered an extra 100m hours of tuition under post-pandemic catch-up plans unveiled today – but the government faced immediate criticism of the £1.4bn programme, with its own tsar warning “more will be n...

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