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Oliver Jeffers: "Catch-22 fue la primera vez que tuve una reacción física a un libro"

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Mi primer recuerdo de lectura Mi padre me estaba leyendo un libro ilustrado de Waltzing Matilda, cuando mi nariz empezó a sangrar de nuevo; Me habían golpeado con una pelota en la cara al principio del día.. Una gran gota salpicada justo en el suelo..

Fuera, atrapar Covid, ignora la ciencia. O confía en Chris Whitty

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Puedes decir en quién confía el país. La gente ya no mira a Boris Johnson en la televisión y se pregunta por qué me miente este mentiroso. Ellos ya saben porque. Boris miente porque no conoce otra forma de interactuar. Engaño...

‘You can’t catch those 43 años': exonerated former prisoner tries to start life anew

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It’s been more than two weeks since Kevin Strickland was released from the Western Missouri correctional center and now he often wakes at 3.30am, long before the dawn, with an urge to get outside. Para 43 years of a se...

Catch them if you can? Meet the exotic pet detectives

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Sometime in 2016, Chris Mullins received a message about a missing skunk. Mullins, 70, who lives in Leicestershire, had founded a Facebook group, Beastwatch UK, en 2001 as a place to document exotic animal sightings i...

Eco-friendly, lab-grown coffee is on the way, but it comes with a catch

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Heiko Rischer isn’t quite sure how to describe the taste of lab-grown coffee. This summer he sampled one of the first batches in the world produced from cell cultures rather than coffee beans. “To describe it is diffi...

Mothers sue after children catch Covid at Wisconsin schools with no mandates

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Two Wisconsin mothers whose children had Covid-19 in September have sued their school districts, for “needlessly and recklessly endangering the health and safety” of their children and other students. Both lawsuits a...

Florida man uses recycling bin to catch large alligator outside his house

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Not all heroes wear capes – some wear slides and socks. A US army veteran who has gone viral online for trapping a large Florida alligator in wheelie bin says he “used the front like a hippo mouth”, to scare the repti...

Bathers in Spain catch suspect after ‘drug boat’ runs aground on beach

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It was meant to be a leisurely break as Spain sweltered through record-breaking temperatures. But beachgoers in the southern province of Granada inadvertently found themselves in pursuit of a pair of alleged drug smug...

Gordon Brown: Boris Johnson’s mistakes could still catch up with him

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Boris Johnson’s conduct in office could still sink him despite his buoyancy in opinion polls, Gordon Brown has said, recalling the demise of Margaret Thatcher three years after a landslide election victory because “mi...

Oscars fashion trends: midriffs and tuxedos catch up with Gen Z style

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The dresses at the 2021 Oscars confirmed what a walk through any park or beer garden this weekend would have told you: for the younger generation, a cantilevered cleavage has been replaced by a flash of bare midriff a...

‘If we catch Covid, we die’: UK shielders reflect on still feeling unsafe

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Sarah Spoor and her two adult sons have spent the past 14 months shielding in a one-bedroom apartment, with no garden, in west London. Her youngest sleeps in the bedroom, his brother has a pull-out bed in the kitchen,...

Catch Us If You Can review – on the run with the Dave Clark Five

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A year after Richard Lester’s A Hard Day’s Night, and a year before the Monkees were grown in TV’s pop culture lab, director John Boorman made his feature debut with this very English madcap pop lark from 1965, script...

Buena atrapada: Un hombre en Ucrania rescata a un niño flotando en el hielo con una caña de pescar - video

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Un pescador de Ucrania ha ideado una forma creativa de salvar a un niño que flota sobre un bloque de hielo en medio de un río.. Richard Gorda arrojó su caña de pescar con un peso sobre ella con tal precisión que fue capaz..