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Surgeon casts doubt on Johnny Depp’s account of how he severed finger

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The defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard entered its fifth and final week of testimony on Monday, with a witness for Heard testifying that Depp could not have lost the tip of his finger during a domestic fi...

‘Femicide nation’: murder of young woman casts spotlight on Mexico’s gender violence crisis

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“Don’t take risks – stay with us,” says one of the slogans at the Nueva Castilla motel, a $37.85 (£30) per night roadside inn in the Mexican city of Monterrey. But the horrifying discovery of a dead teenager in the lo...

Refugee data analysis casts doubt on Boris Johnson’s Rwanda claim

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Minder as 200 people who came to the UK without authorisation would have been sent to Rwanda last year, analysis of government figures has found. The Refugee Council said 172 people could have been sent to the east A...

Boris Johnson casts doubt on possibility of negotiated peace in Ukraine

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Boris Johnson has cast doubt on the prospects for a negotiated peace in Ukraine, comparing it to holding talks with a “crocodile”, as he flies to India to discuss the conflict with prime minister Narendra Modi. Speaki...

Uganda oil project casts shadow over Total’s eco-friendly image

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The French oil and gas company TotalEnergies has worked to cultivate a green reputation with climate goals and plans to ramp up renewable power, but a massive east African oil project is casting a shadow over that mes...

Orbán casts himself as safe choice as ‘cruel, bloody war’ looms over Hungary’s election

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Until the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hungary’s general election campaign was dominated by such ruling party preoccupations as “traditional values” and protecting children from “LGBT propaganda”. Neither Russia nor ...

Maryland Democrat’s leaked email casts doubt over Black candidates’ electability

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Doubts about the electability of Black candidates “should have no place in America in 2022”, a contender for the Democratic nomination for governor in Maryland said, after an email from a party official and donor expr...

Tory row over testing casts shadow over PM’s Covid announcement

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Cabinet ministers were already waiting in No 10 on Monday morning when it became clear the sign-off for the prime minister’s much-anticipated end to Covid regulations was not going to be as perfunctory as they had ima...

Geen 10 casts Johnson as head of anti-Russian alliance over Ukraine

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The unusual Foreign Office revelation on Saturday night that British intelligence had unmasked a plot to install a Russian puppet government in Ukraine was issued alongside a lengthy release from Downing Street in eff...

Leak casts doubt on explanation for Liz Truss’s £3,000 lunch, sê Arbeid

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Labour has called on the government to explain why it claimed Liz Truss hosted a £3,000 lunch at a private members’ club because it was available at short notice, when leaked correspondence later showed that she had i...

Hong Kong ‘patriots’ election casts doubt over democracy as city enters new era

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Days before Hong Kong’s legislative council election, 15 months after it was supposed to be held, former legislator Ted Hui is on the phone from Adelaide railing against the government. In the southern Australian city...

Nuclear watchdog casts doubt on Iranian claims over missing footage

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The head of the UN nuclear watchdog has cast doubt on Iranian claims that critical footage from a surveillance camera at an Iranian centrifuge-parts workshop at Karaj had gone missing after an apparent sabotage attack...

UK Covid regstreeks: minister casts doubt on wisdom of holding big Christmas parties

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Nuutste opdaterings: businesses have to make judgments on what is appropriate, says George Freeman

‘Trapped in hell’: Kabul airport chaos casts doubt on US promise of safe evacuation

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In a voice quivering with fear and exhaustion, Sara pleaded down the phone: “Please, get us out of here. The situation is very bad, we are trapped in a hell.” For the past four days, Sara, who asked for her real name ...

Sharp rise in UK Covid cases casts doubt on more lockdown easing before 19 Julie

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Meer as 16,000 new confirmed Covid cases were reported in the UK on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since early February, official data has shown, casting even more doubt on the chances of reopening measures com...

Border dispute casts shadow over China’s offers of Covid help for India

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As coronavirus rages across India, its neighbour China has made repeated offers of help. Some are asking whether this could be an occasion to ease the tense relations between the world’s two most populous countries fo...

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