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What might rising Covid cases in South Africa mean for the UK?

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Covid cases are rising in South Africa. But how serious is this and what might it mean for the UK? The country is seeing a wave of Covid infections linked to two new forms, or “sub-lineages”, of Omicron: BA.4 and BA.5...

Omicron variant fuelling ‘exponential’ rise in Covid cases, say South Africa officials

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The Omicron variant has fuelled a “worrying” surge in coronavirus cases in South Africa and is rapidly becoming the dominant strain, local health officials have said, as more countries including the US detected their ...

Coronavirus live nuus: record cases in South Korea and Thailand; US may mandate vaccines for federal workers

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White House considering requiring federal employees to show proof they’ve been vaccinated; South Korea reports 1,896 nuwe sake; Thailand reports 16,533 nuwe sake