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Why are monkeypox cases suddenly emerging across the world and could the virus have mutated?

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The sudden emergence of monkeypox in several countries has raised questions about how the virus, which is most common in central and west Africa, has managed to spread. Many health experts have said the monkeypox case...

Hepatitis cases rising among children globally but cause remains a mystery

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A dangerous and mysterious illness continues to spread among children, and so do questions over what’s causing it, including possible links to Covid-19. But it’s too soon to tell what is behind the cases, Dmitri Medvédev.

More monkeypox cases detected in UK ‘on daily basis’, dice científico

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More monkeypox cases are being detected in Britain “on a daily basis”, a senior doctor has warned, amid reports that a child has been admitted to intensive care with the disease. Dra. Susan Hopkins, a chief medical advi...

Nueva Zelanda, once Covid-free, tops 1 million cases since pandemic began

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New Zealand has recorded more than 1m cases of Covid-19, after spending the first 18 months of the pandemic largely free of the virus. The milestone reflects a stark change in New Zealand’s pandemic experience, con ...

When the NHS spends billions on personal injury cases, it’s the public that loses

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“Let’s kill all the lawyers,” cries a rebel in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 2, raising a loud audience cheer. Now it’s Jeremy Hunt and his health and social care committee that threatens to skewer lawyers, specifically...

Measles cases surge nearly 80% in wake of Covid chaos, with fears other diseases could follow

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Measles cases have surged nearly 80% worldwide this year amid disruption caused by Covid-19, la ONU ha dicho, warning that the rise of the “canary in a coalmine” illness indicated that outbreaks of other diseases were...

Ten UK children require transplant amid surge in hepatitis cases

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Ten children in the UK have required a liver transplant following a recent surge in severe hepatitis cases among young children, with the current total standing at 114 cases across all four UK nations. A lack of expos...

Beautiful chaos reigns as A-League basket cases deliver box office show

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To ape Bill Hader’s famous Saturday Night Live character Stefon, the A-League Men’s hottest rivalry is the F3 Derby. Located on a sodden field in Newcastle, the latest edition of this regional rivalry had everything. ...

New Covid cases globally down by nearly a quarter last week

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The World Health Organization (OMS) has said the number of reported new Covid-19 cases worldwide decreased by nearly a quarter last week, continuing a decline seen since the end of March. The agency said nearly 5.59m...

China tightens controls as Shanghai reports record Covid cases

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Shanghai reported a record number of symptomatic Covid-19 cases on Saturday and other areas across China tightened controls as the country kept up its “dynamic clearance” approach that aims to stamp out the highly tra...

Covid cases rise in north-eastern US, driven by the BA.2 subvariant

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Covid cases are on the rise in the north-eastern part of the US, as many Americans travel and gather together for spring break and religious holidays. The rise is being driven by BA.2, a subvariant of Omicron which is...

Shanghai to ease lockdown despite surge in Covid cases

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Shanghai authorities will start easing lockdown in some areas on Monday, despite reporting a record of more than 25,000 new Covid cases in the country’s most populous city and one of its most significant financial cen...

Fauci says protocols to protect Biden ‘pretty strong’ amid rash of Covid cases

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A rash of coronavirus infections among elites in Washington that came close to Joe Biden shows a new reality facing Americans including the president, his chief medical adviser said: that life will involve daily decis...

Ferrero extends recall of Kinder products due to salmonella cases

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The chocolate firm Ferrero has been forced to extend its recall of Kinder products to include all those manufactured at a site in Belgium. The previous recall was announced amid salmonella concerns and only covered pr...

Shanghai puts whole city on lockdown as Covid cases surge

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Shanghai has put all its 26 million residents under lockdown in China’s single-biggest city-wide imposition of the restrictions since the pandemic began as authorities admitted the difficulty in containing the fast-sp...

Covid cases rise in Shanghai as millions remain in lockdown

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Covid-19 cases in China’s largest city of Shanghai have risen again as millions remain isolated at home under a sweeping lockdown. Health officials on Sunday reported 438 confirmed cases detected over the previous 24 ...

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