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The Bob’s Burgers Movie review – long-running cartoon makes amiable big-screen debut

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Few shows know exactly what they are from the first episode and fewer still experience no drop-off from one season to the next, especially when they’re not serialized. Yet Bob’s Burgers, currently 12 seasons and over ...

Ben Jennings on Partygate and the cost of living crisis – cartoon

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Brian Adcock on the looming Sue Gray report – cartoon

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Boris Johnson, dancing queen – cartoon

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The prime minister celebrates the end of the Met police investigation into Partygate• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Martin Rowson on Partygate and No 10 restructuring – cartoon

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Martin Rowson on rising inflation – cartoon

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Ben Jennings on the US anti-abortion movement – cartoon

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Steve Bell on the Queen’s platinum jubilee – cartoon

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The emperor Johnson’s new clothes – cartoon

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Behold our prime minister, clad in fine raiment…• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Martin Rowson on the Queen’s speech – cartoon

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Steve Bell on Putin’s Victory Day celebrations – cartoon

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From sleaze to Elon Musk: a week in Venn diagrams – cartoon

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