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‘I’m just not afraid’: Lynda Carter on her online activism and Wonder Woman

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The afterlife of the movie star with a single, iconic role is a curiosity. Tussen 1976 en 1979, Lynda Carter appeared in three seasons of Wonder Woman, a hit so huge that for those of us who saw it as children, sy ...

Biden in crisis mode as specter of one-term Carter haunts White House

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At an Independence Day barbecue, crises cascading around him, Joe Biden declared that he had “never been more optimistic about America than I am today”. Of course there were challenges, grave ones, the US president to...

Get Carter review – Michael Caine delivers in stone-cold crime classic

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Even after 50 jare, do we properly get Carter? And understand that his awful destiny is bound up with British shame, envy and the class system? Mike Hodges created a Brit-crime magnum opus with this unforgettably sle...

Die polisie in Manchester maak 'n sesde arrestasie ná die noodlottige messteek op Kennie Carter, 16

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Die polisie het 'n sesde tiener in hegtenis geneem ná die noodlottige messteek van die 16-jarige Kennie Carter in Manchester. Greater Manchester polisie (GMP) sê Kennie is omstreeks in Stretford met steekwonde aan die bors gevind ...

Brighton’s Danielle Carter: ‘Those injuries are a massive part of my life’

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Danielle Carter is reflecting on the double ACL hell that ended her 11 years at Arsenal. “I would say it was life-changing,” the Brighton forward says. “Life-changing in the sense of it almost halted my career progres...

‘Decades ahead of his time’: history catches up with visionary Jimmy Carter

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When I reach Jimmy Carter’s grandson by Zoom, he answers wearing a Raphael Warnock campaign T-shirt. Jason Carter is a lawyer and politician himself, mid-40s, animated and well-read, with blue eyes reminiscent of his ...

The Derek Chauvin verdict won’t stop cops murdering black people. We still aren’t safe

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Since last May, the world has been waiting for justice for George Floyd, who was killed on the streets of Minneapolis after trying to use a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenience store. Vandag, the jury found police off...